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Toyota Tacoma Towing Capicity: How Much?

J. Goreham | Last updated Sunday, April 16th, 2023

If you're thinking about getting a new truck, the Toyota Tacoma is a top choice. But have you considered how much it can tow? Towing is crucial, especially if you need to carry heavy stuff regularly.

The Toyota Tacoma comes in various models, and each can handle different towing tasks. The base model is best for lighter loads, while models with a V6 engine can handle heavier towing jobs. Picking the right model for your needs is key.

In this article, we'll look at the Toyota Tacoma's towing capacity, break down its different models, and give you the info you need to tow safely. So, let's jump right in.

Factors that Determine the Tacoma's Towing Capacity

To understand how well your Toyota Tacoma can tow, we need to know what factors matter. It's not just about big engines and horsepower. These things also count:

1. Engine Size and Power

Bigger engines mean more strength. This extra power helps you tow heavier things. Plus, it makes your truck pull those loads more easily.

2. Automatic Transmission

Automatic gear shifts help in towing. They're better at handling heavy loads than manual ones. So, they give you a higher towing capacity.

3. Axle Ratio

The axle ratio is about how much twisting force gets to your wheels. A lower ratio means more force, giving you more towing power.

4. Tough Suspension

A good suspension system balances the weight across your truck. It's a must for safe towing, and it can even boost your towing capacity.

5. Strong Brakes

Big loads need strong brakes to stop safely. If you upgrade your brakes, you can improve your towing capacity and stay safe.

Toyota Tacoma Towing Capacity

The Toyota Tacoma offers a range of models designed to suit diverse preferences. These models encompass the SR, SR5, TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, Limited, and TRD Pro. Now, let's explore their individual towing capacities.

1. SR Model: 3,500 Pounds

The SR model can tow up to 3,500 pounds when equipped properly. It's perfect for lighter loads, like small trailers or bikes.

2. SR5 Model: 6,400 Pounds

If you need a bit more towing power, the SR5 model can handle up to 6,400 pounds when properly equipped. This makes it suitable for larger trailers or boats.

3. TRD Sport Model: 6,800 Pounds

For adventure seekers, the TRD Sport model can tow a hefty 6,800 pounds when properly equipped. It's great for outdoor enthusiasts who need to haul heavy gear.

4. TRD Off-Road Model: 6,800 Pounds

The TRD Off-Road model matches the TRD Sport with a 6,800-pound towing capacity when properly equipped. It's ideal for tackling rough terrain and towing campers.

5. Limited Model: 6,800 Pounds

The Limited model combines luxury with a towing capacity of 6,800 pounds when properly equipped. It's perfect for those who want to tow in style.

6. TRD Pro Model: 6,400 Pounds

The TRD Pro model offers a towing capacity of 6,400 pounds when properly equipped. It's designed for off-road enthusiasts and can handle various loads.

Tips to Safely Tow with a Toyota Tacoma

Towing with a Toyota Tacoma is easy and safe if you follow some important advice. Here are simple tips to ensure your towing experience is smooth and secure.

1. Choosing the Right Trailer

Start by picking the right trailer. Match your trailer's capacity with your Tacoma's towing abilities. Overloading your truck can be risky, so check your Tacoma's towing capacity in the owner's manual.

2. Using the Right Equipment

Use the correct hitch, ball mount, and wiring harness for your trailer. Wrong equipment can lead to issues on the road. Invest in good towing gear that fits your Tacoma's specs.

3. Balanced Weight

Distribute weight evenly across the trailer. Even weight prevents swaying while towing. Balance is vital for a safe journey.

4. Adjusting Mirrors

Adjust side mirrors for a clear view of the road and your trailer. Good visibility makes safe driving choices.

5. Practice for Confidence

If you're new to towing, practice in an empty parking lot to get used to the added weight and length of your vehicle. It builds confidence before you hit the road.

Is Toyota Tacoma Good for Towing?

You might be wondering if a Toyota Tacoma is a good choice for towing. The answer is yes, but it depends on what you're towing.

If you have a small trailer or a light load, the Toyota Tacoma is a great choice. It handles them well. But if you're dealing with a large trailer or a heavy load, you might want a bigger truck with a higher towing capacity.

In my experience, the Toyota Tacoma works well for towing smaller items, like a lightweight trailer or personal belongings. It's easy to control and doesn't struggle.

However, when it comes to larger loads, such as bigger trailers or equipment, the Tacoma's towing capacity has limitations. In those cases, choosing a larger truck is a safer and more efficient option.

Can a Toyota Tacoma Pull a 5000 lb Trailer?

Many people inquire whether a Toyota Tacoma can safely tow a 5000-pound trailer. The response to this question hinges on the specific model of the Tacoma and the equipment it is equipped with. The TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, and Limited models can tow 6,800 pounds, making them great for a 5000 lb trailer.

But, the SR and TRD Pro models have lower towing capacities, which might not be safe for a 5000 lb trailer.

How Much Weight Can I Pull with My Toyota Tacoma?

People often wonder about their Tacoma's towing capacity. It varies by model and equipment. To know the exact capacity for your Tacoma, check your manual or Toyota's website.

Which Toyota Tacoma has the Highest Towing Capacity?

For top towing capacity, choose the TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, or Limited models. They can tow 6,800 pounds when well-equipped, the highest among Tacoma models. Ideal for heavy towing needs.


Toyota Tacoma is good for towing small to medium loads, like boats and campers. It has the capability to tow loads of up to 6,800 pounds. If you're towing something bigger, get a bigger truck. Be safe and use the right gear.

To learn more about towing with a Toyota Tacoma, read the owner's manual and guide for your model. You can also find helpful info online, like towing calculators and forums where Tacoma owners share tips.

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