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How Much Does a Jeep Grand Cherokee Weigh: Light or Heavy?

Owen McBride | Last updated Monday, April 17th, 2023

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering how much a Jeep Grand Cherokee weighs. Well, let me tell you, there are a few things to consider when it comes to the weight of this beast of a vehicle.

In this article, we’ll cover the weight range of different models, the factors that affect the weight of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, the importance of knowing its weight, and how to determine the weight of a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Let’s get a brief overview of what the Jeep Grand Cherokee is all about. This cool vehicle is a mid-size SUV that’s been around since the early 90s. It’s known for its off-road capabilities, luxurious features, and versatility.

From daily commutes to weekend adventures, this vehicle can handle it all. But let’s get to the real meat of this article – how much does it weigh?

Jeep Grand Cherokee Weight by Model

I checked out the weights of different Jeep Grand Cherokee models, and guess what? They can vary from about 4,500 to over 5,500 pounds. Knowing this range is key, especially if you need to figure out the weight for a specific task.

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo: 4,513 to 4,787 pounds
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited: 4,703 to 5,227 pounds
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland: 4,891 to 5,374 pounds
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit: 4,895 to 5,372 pounds
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT: 5,150 to 5,356 pounds
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk: 5,363 to 5,510 pounds

It's not just a little thing; it can affect how the Jeep handles and performs. So, whether you're thinking about buying one or you're just a Jeep fan, understanding this weight range helps you make smart decisions based on the model you're dealing with.

ModelsWeight in poundsWeight in kgWeight in tonsSizeEngine power
1984 Jeep Cherokee3200 pounds1451 kg1.6 tons170 × 73 × 66 inches110 hp
1985 Jeep Cherokee3195 pounds1449 kg1.5975 tons170 × 74 × 67 inches109 hp
1986 Jeep Cherokee3190 pounds1446kg1.595 tons169 × 73 × 67 inches105 hp
1987 Jeep Cherokee3210 pounds1456 kg1.605 tons170 × 74 × 68 inches111 hp
1988 Jeep Cherokee2985 pounds1353 kg1.4925 tons171 × 72 × 66 inches120 hp
1989 Jeep Cherokee2992 pounds1357 kg1.496 tons171 × 73 × 66 inches121 hp
1990 Jeep Cherokee3080 pounds1397 kg1.54 tons169 × 75 × 67 inches180 hp
1991 Jeep Cherokee3085 pounds1399 kg1.5425 tons169 × 74 × 67 inches195 hp
1992 Jeep Cherokee2855 pounds1295 kg1.4275 tons171 × 73 × 68 inches193 hp
1993 Jeep Cherokee2860 pounds1297 kg1.43 tons172 × 73 × 67 inches187 hp
1994 Jeep Cherokee3094 pounds1403 kg1.547 tons171 × 71 × 67 inches196 hp
1995 Jeep Cherokee2937 pounds1332 kg1.4685 tons170 × 70 × 67 inches135 hp
1996 Jeep Cherokee3125 pounds1417 kg1.5625 tons170 × 71 × 68 inches130 hp
1997 Jeep Cherokee3135 pounds1422 kg1.5675 tons170 × 72 × 68 inches137 hp
1998 Jeep Cherokee2985 pounds1353 kg1.4925 tons170 × 74 × 69 inches129 hp
1999 Jeep Cherokee3188 pounds1446 kg1.594 tons169 × 73 × 69 inches133 hp
2000 Jeep Cherokee3315 pounds1503 kg1.6575 tons169 × 74 × 69 inches127 hp
2001 Jeep Cherokee3360 pounds1524 kg1.68 tons169 × 74 × 68 inches194 hp
2002 Jeep Cherokee3975 pounds1803 kg1.9875 tons184 × 75 × 73 inches200 hp
2003 Jeep Cherokee3994 pounds1811 kg1.997 tons184 × 75 × 72 inches203 hp
2004 Jeep Cherokee3984 pounds1807 kg1.992 tons184 × 75 × 73 inches205 hp
2005 Jeep Cherokee3915 pounds1775 kg1.9575 tons189 × 87 × 72 inches240 hp
2006 Jeep Cherokee3400 pounds1542 kg1.7 tons189 × 76 × 69 inches430 hp
2007 Jeep Cherokee4485 pounds2034 kg2.2425 tons190 × 74 × 76 inches215 hp
2008 Jeep Cherokee4492 pounds2037 kg2.246 tons191 × 75 × 69 inches217 hp
2009 Jeep Cherokee4495 pounds2038 kg2.2475 tons191 × 87 × 71 inches207 hp
2010 Jeep Cherokee4475 pounds2029 kg2.2375 tons191 × 75 × 71 inches206 hp
2011 Jeep Cherokee4845 pounds2197 kg2.4225 tons192 × 80 × 71 pounds293 hp
2012 Jeep Cherokee4665 pounds2116 kg2.3325 tons193 × 79 × 73 inches287 hp
2013 Jeep Cherokee4638 pounds2103 kg2.319 tons191 × 87 × 74 inches296 hp
2014 Jeep Cherokee4048 pounds1836 kg2.024 tons185 × 73 × 67 inches190 hp
2015 Jeep Cherokee4051 pounds1837 kg2.0255 tons186 × 77 × 68 inches188 hp
2016 Jeep Cherokee3959 pounds1795 kg1.9795 tons185 × 77 × 69 inches194 hp
2017 Jeep Cherokee3963 pounds1797 kg1.9815 tons185 × 76 × 70 inches187 hp
2018 Jeep Cherokee3660 pounds1660 kg1.83 tons186 × 76 × 68 inches182 hp
2019 Jeep Cherokee3967 pounds1799 kg1.9835 tons186 × 77 × 69 inches275 hp
2020 Jeep Cherokee3595 pounds1630 kg1.7975 tons185 × 77 × 70 inches277 hp
2021 Jeep Cherokee3965 pounds1798 kg1.9825 tons185 × 76 × 69 inches279 hp
2022 Jeep Cherokee3974 pounds1802 kg1.987 tons186 × 77 × 70 inches270 hp

Factors Affecting Jeep Grand Cherokee Weight

So, what factors contribute to the weight of a Jeep Grand Cherokee? Here are a few things to consider:

1. Vehicle size and dimensions

The bigger the car, the heavier it is. The Grand Cherokee's a mid-size SUV—not too big, not too small, just right.

2. Engine size and type

Engines are heavy, especially the big ones. If your Grand Cherokee has a hefty engine, it's packing on the pounds. Diesels weigh more than gas engines, too.

3. Transmission type

Automatic transmissions add more weight than manual ones. So, if your Jeep shifts gears on its own, that's a bit of extra heft.

4. Trim level and features

Luxury comes at a cost—weight-wise. Leather seats, sunroofs, and other swanky features in higher trim levels add up. Opting for fewer frills trims down the weight.

Importance of Jeep Grand Cherokee Weight

Okay, so now that we know how much a Jeep Grand Cherokee weighs, and what factors contribute to its weight, why does it matter? Here are a few reasons:

1. Impact on fuel efficiency

Weight impacts fuel efficiency. Heavier cars need more gas to get moving. Knowing your Jeep's weight helps you figure out if it's a gas sipper or a bit thirsty.

2. Towing capacity

Planning to tow stuff? Weight matters here too. Heavier Jeeps have lower towing capacities. So, if you're hitching up, check the weight to know what your Jeep can handle.

3. Handling and stability

Weight does a dance with handling. Heavier rides are stable, but might not shimmy as well. Also, they take a bit longer to hit the brakes. Knowing your Jeep's weight gives you the lowdown on how it'll groove on the road.

4. Safety considerations

Heavier means safer in a collision. But, heavy rides can be a bit trickier to maneuver. Understanding your Jeep's weight helps you balance the safety scale.

How to Determine the Weight of a Jeep Grand Cherokee

So, you're on a mission to unveil the weight of your Grand Cherokee? Here's how to crack the code:

  • Consult the owner's manual—it's the Jeep bible. The weight details should be tucked in there somewhere.
  • Check the driver's side door jamb. There's a sticker there with the inside scoop on your Jeep's weight.
  • When in doubt, hit the web. Numerous online resources spill the beans on your Jeep's weight. Just make sure the info is legit and up-to-date.

How Heavy is a Jeep Grand Cherokee in KG?

Here's a simplified cheat sheet for the weight of different Jeep Grand Cherokee models in kilograms:

  • Laredo & Limited: 2,138 kg
  • Trailhawk & Overland: 2,267 kg
  • Summit: 2,288 kg
  • SRT: 2,389 kg
  • Trackhawk: 2,427 kg

From the lightweights at 2,138 kg to the heavy hitters at 2,427 kg, each model has its own weight class. It's like a car weightlifting championship!

What’s the Heaviest Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Hold on to your seatbelts, because the heavyweight champion of Jeep Grand Cherokees is none other than the Trackhawk! This bruiser tips the scales at a hefty 2,427 kg.

With a roaring supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine churning out a staggering 707 horsepower, it's not just heavy—it's a road-hungry beast. Buckle up, because the Trackhawk is not for the faint of heart!


And there you go—your crash course on the weight of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Armed with this knowledge, you can steer towards smarter choices on gas, towing, handling, and safety.

Whether you're a Jeep enthusiast or just weight-curious, we hope this info-packed ride was worth the read. Happy trails, fellow Jeepers!

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