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Let’s cut to the chase and talk about how much weight a Ford Explorer can tow. If you’re eyeing a new SUV, knowing this is key. The Ford Explorer shines in towing, so let’s break it down.

Towing capacity is simply the max weight a vehicle can tow without harming the engine or transmission. It’s crucial for choosing the right trailer and ensuring a safe, legal towing experience.

Now, onto the Ford Explorer. This full-size SUV is built for towing, but the capacity varies based on the model and other factors. Let’s get into the details.

How Much Weight Can a Ford Explorer Tow?

This SUV is built for more than just the road; it’s ready for off-road adventures, thanks to the Class IV Trailer Tow Package. Now, let’s break down what makes it a standout in towing.

1. Power-Packed Towing: ST, King Ranch, and Platinum Models

When it comes to towing, the ST, King Ranch, and Platinum models steal the spotlight. They can tow up to 5,600 lbs, [1] thanks to the 400-HP 3.0L EcoBoost V6 engine that brings a robust 415 lb-ft of torque. Perfect for those who need extra towing strength without any hassle.

2. Efficient Turbocharged Towing: Base, XLT, ST-Line, Timberline, and Limited Trims

If you’re after a mix of power and efficiency, look into the Base, XLT, ST-Line, Timberline, and Limited trims. With the standard turbocharged 2.3L EcoBoost I-4 engine and the Class IV Trailer Tow Package, they can tow up to 5,300 lbs[2] It’s like having a turbocharged engine for a fun drive while still towing like a pro.

3. Eco-Friendly Towing: Limited and Platinum Hybrid Models

Now, if you care about the environment but still need to tow, the Limited trim can tow up to 5,000 lbs with its Hybrid V6 powertrain. [3] The Platinum Hybrid models, with the 3.0L EcoBoost V6 engine and the Class IV Trailer Tow Package, can tow up to 3,600 lbs. [4] It’s a green way of towing without compromising power.

Whether it’s a quick getaway or everyday towing needs, the 2023 Ford Explorer has you covered. The Class IV Trailer Tow Package, paired with powerful engine options, ensures you’re ready for any towing challenge.

Comparison with Other SUVs in the Same Class

Let’s put the Ford Explorer in the ring with its SUV counterparts and focus on towing capacity. The Explorer takes the lead.

Consider the Honda Pilot, towing a max of 5,000 pounds —akin to the Explorer’s base model. [5] Then there’s the Toyota Highlander, also capping at 5,000 pounds. [6]

But here’s the kicker: these SUVs can tow, but they can’t quite match the higher-trim Explorer models. It’s like the Explorer saying, “I’ve got more muscle in my towing game.”

Essential Gear for Towing with Your Ford Explorer

Let’s talk about what you need to tow a trailer with your Ford Explorer. It’s not rocket science—just the basics to ensure a safe and smooth towing experience.

1. Reliable Hitch

First things first, grab a hitch. It’s like the superhero of towing gear, attaching to your vehicle’s frame and creating a sturdy link for the trailer. Choose one that matches your trailer’s weight like a perfect puzzle piece.

2. Brake Controller

Meet the brake controller—your trailer’s best friend. This gadget takes charge of the trailer brakes, making sure they hit the brakes at the same time as your ride. Some states insist on having one for trailers over a certain weight, so it’s not just a choice but a rule.

3. Towing Package

Think of the towing package as your towing sidekick. Packed with essentials like a transmission cooler and a bigger radiator, it’s tailor-made to help your vehicle handle the extra weight of the trailer. If you’re planning to tow often, consider it your vehicle’s superhero cape.

Information on Towing Laws and Regulations in Different States

Before you hit the road with your Ford Explorer and trailer, it’s important to know the towing rules in your state. These rules can vary, so it’s a good idea to check them out. For instance, in some states, you might need a special license if you’re towing a trailer that’s too heavy.

Apart from state rules, there are also federal regulations for towing. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the one in charge of telling us how our trailer lights should function and what the design of our hitch should look like. Take a moment to learn about these regulations.

How to Safely Tow with a Ford Explorer

Towing can be fun, but safety comes first. Here are some simple tips to ensure a safe towing experience with your Ford Explorer:

  • Check Your Trailer’s Weight: Before you start, make sure your trailer isn’t too heavy for your vehicle to tow safely.
  • Spread the Weight Evenly: Keep things balanced inside your trailer. This helps avoid swaying and keeps your vehicle and trailer steady on the road.
  • Check Tire Pressure: Ensure your tires are good to go. Properly inflated tires make for better handling on your journey.
  • Stick to a Safe Speed: Keep a steady and safe speed while towing. No need to rush—avoid speeding and sudden stops or starts.
  • Consider Towing Accessories: Explore helpful accessories. A weight distribution hitch keeps things balanced, and trailer sway control helps prevent wobbling during your trip.

Does Ford Explorer have a Tow Package?

Absolutely! The Ford Explorer comes ready with a standard tow package. But here’s the thing: the towing capacity can vary based on the specific model and trim level of your Explorer. To get the lowdown on how much your particular vehicle can tow and to make sure you’ve got all the right gear, it’s a smart move to chat with a Ford dealer or a knowledgeable pro.

Now, what’s this tow package all about? Well, think of it as a power-up for your towing game. It includes nifty stuff like a bigger radiator and a transmission cooler. These things work together to help your vehicle handle the extra weight that comes with towing a trailer.

How Much Can a Ford Explorer Tow in Kg?

How much your Ford Explorer can tow depends on the specific model and trim level you’re rocking. But to keep it simple, these explorers can generally pull a load anywhere from 2,000 to 5,600 kg.

Whether you’ve got a tricked-out model or something a bit more chill, you’ve got towing power to play with.

Which Ford Explorer has Highest Towing Capacity?

If you’re aiming for the Ford Explorer with the best towing chops, meet the Explorer Platinum, ST and King Ranch. It’s the heavyweight champ, pulling up to 5,600 pounds when it’s all geared up. Why does it stand out? Well, it’s packing a 3.0L EcoBoost engine and Class IV Trailer Tow Package, giving it the muscle for some serious towing action.

But here’s the deal: the towing capacity can shift depending on the exact model and setup. So, if you’re eyeing a specific Ford Explorer, just give a shout to the experts to get the lowdown on its towing power.


The Ford Explorer is a solid choice for towing. It can handle hefty loads, and you’ve got different setups to pick from. But here’s the thing: towing safely isn’t just about a big towing capacity.

You need the right gear, know-how about towing rules, and a commitment to safe driving. So, if you’re thinking of towing with a Ford Explorer, do your homework and have a chat with a Ford dealer or expert. It’s the smart way to make sure you’re towing both safely and by the book.