Taking care of your Honda Accord is like giving it a ticket to a long and healthy life. One crucial part of this TLC routine is changing the oil regularly. Now, your trusty Accord comes with a nifty oil life indicator to give you a heads-up when it’s time for an oil change.

But here’s the catch – changing the oil isn’t the end of the story. You’ve got to reset that oil life indicator too. It’s not just a routine, it’s about making sure your car’s brain knows you’ve done the deed. So, let me walk you through why hitting that reset button is important and how to do it without breaking a sweat.

Why bother with the reset, you ask? Well, think of the oil life indicator as your car’s personal oil quality detective. If you don’t reset it after an oil change, it’s still sniffing out the old, used-up oil. This could lead to your car nagging you for an oil change way sooner than necessary. And who needs that kind of nagging?

So, let’s get down to business. How do you reset the oil life indicator on your Honda Accord? It’s not as complicated as it might sound.

Why Resetting Oil Life Is Important

Your Honda Accord has a nifty feature called the oil life indicator. This little genius keeps tabs on your driving habits, the weather, and your engine’s health. When it hits the 15% mark, it’s waving a flag, telling you it’s time for an oil change.

But here’s the twist: changing the oil isn’t the end of the story. If you forget to reset the oil life indicator afterward, it’s like leaving a bookmark in the wrong chapter. Picture this – you change your oil diligently when the indicator hits 15%.

You’re patting yourself on the back for being a responsible car owner. However, the indicator, stuck in the past, still proudly displays 15%, ignoring the fresh oil flowing through your engine.

This confusion might make you second-guess yourself. Did you miss a step? Misread the indicator? The result? You might end up changing your oil more often than needed. Not great for your wallet, and definitely not the planet’s favorite move.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Reset Oil Life on Honda Accord

Resetting the oil life indicator on your Honda Accord is a straightforward process that won’t eat up much of your time. To make sure you get it right, let me walk you through the steps. Keep in mind that the process might vary based on your car’s model and manufacturing year, so consulting your car owner’s manual is a smart move.

1. Reset a Honda Accord Oil Light Using the Steering Controls

Do you own a Honda Accord made between 2017 and 2022? Ever wondered how to get rid of that persistent oil light? Well, no worries! I’m here to guide you through the straightforward steps to reset the oil light on your Honda Accord.

  • Step 1: Begin by turning the ignition to the ‘ON’ position. Hold off on starting the engine; you’ll see various lights, including the oil light, which is totally normal.
  • Step 2: Make sure your car is in Park by pressing the power button twice without touching the brake. This handy move puts your car in Accessory Mode, allowing you to use the radio and AC without starting the engine.
  • Step 3: Hit the ‘HOME’ button to access the main menu on your touchscreen display.
  • Step 4: Take charge with the Left Selector Wheel on your steering. Navigate through the menu until you find the ‘MAINTENANCE’ option. Select it by pressing the Left Selector Wheel.
  • Step 5: Once you’re in the “MAINTENANCE” menu, press the Left Selector Wheel again to enter.
  • Step 6: Find the “Remaining Oil Life” screen and press the Selector Wheel once more to enter reset mode.
  • Step 7: Ready to reset? Turn the selector wheel until “Item A Only” is highlighted. This focuses on resetting only the oil life, leaving other maintenance reminders as they are.
  • Step 8: Feeling daring? If you want to clear all maintenance reminders at once, select “All Due Items” using the Selector Wheel.
  • Step 9: Now, for the magic touch. Press and hold the Selector Wheel, then release it. Your Oil Life will magically reset to 100%. Congratulations! You’ve successfully reset the oil life on your Honda Accord.

2. Reset a Honda Accord Oil Light Using a Touchscreen

No more staring contests with the oil light. A few taps on the touchscreen, and you’re back on the road hassle-free.

  • Get the Engine Running: Start up your Honda Accord. Let it wake up – you’re almost there.
  • Tap into the Home Screen: On the touchscreen, hit up the ‘HOME’ button. It’s right on the main screen, can’t miss it.
  • Dive into the Settings: Look for ‘SETTINGS,’ give it a tap. You’re entering the control center.
  • Explore Vehicle Settings: Inside the settings, look for ‘VEHICLE,’ tap on it. You’re on the right path.
  • Spot Maintenance Info: Scroll down until ‘MAINTENANCE INFO’ shows up. Tap it – this is where the magic unfolds.
  • Pick Reset Items: A list of things to fix will pop up. Hit ‘SELECT RESET ITEMS.’ Now, choose the maintenance task you just nailed.
  • Hit the Reset Button: With your task selected, find and smack the reset button. Bingo – oil light issue resolved!
  • Enjoy the Smooth Ride: With that simple press, your Honda Accord is ready to roll, and the annoying oil light is a thing of the past.

Tips and Tricks

Maintaining the oil life indicator in your Honda Accord is pretty straightforward, but there are a few simple tips to make the process even smoother.

1. Keep an eye on the maintenance minder

Your Honda Accord has a smart system that sends you messages on the dashboard for routine stuff, like changing the oil. It checks how you drive and the weather to know when it’s time for a little car TLC. So, when those messages pop up, pay attention and do what the car suggests in the manual.

2. Refer to your owner’s manual for specifics

While what we’re sharing works for most Honda Accords, it’s smart to glance at your car manual for exact steps. The manual also spills the beans on how often to change your oil, depending on your driving and the type of oil you use.

3. Stay on top of regular oil changes

Resetting the oil life is just part of the deal. To keep your Honda Accord’s engine happy, change the oil regularly. How often varies based on your car’s age, how you drive, and the oil you like. The manual is your guide on when to do it, so stick to that plan.

How Long Will My Honda Accord Oil Last?

Well, it’s a bit like trying to predict the weather – it depends on various factors. Lucky for us, Accord drivers, there’s this handy feature called the maintenance minder that acts like a friendly reminder when it’s time to give our engine a little TLC.

Typically, you’ll want to change the oil every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. [1] But don’t just take my word for it – the owner’s manual is like the Bible for your car, filled with all the specs and recommendations tailored for your specific ride. So, when that maintenance minder starts flashing its signals, it’s like a cue to treat your Accord to a fresh batch of oil.

Recommended Engine Oils for the Honda Accord

Choosing the right engine oil for your Honda Accord may feel a bit confusing, but I’ve got the scoop to make it simple. Honda recommends using a 0W-20 synthetic oil for your Accord’s engine, [2] and here’s why it’s a good call.

Think of synthetic oil like the superhero version of regular oil. It’s specially made in a lab to be extra awesome. The 0W-20 part just tells you that it flows smoothly, even when it’s super cold outside. So, no more struggling to start your engine on chilly mornings!

Why does Honda like this synthetic 0W-20 oil? Well, it’s not just for fun. This oil is a champion when it comes to saving gas. In a world where gas prices can be a headache, better mileage is like a mini celebration every time you fill up.

But that’s not all – this synthetic oil is also like a bodyguard for your engine. It’s on a mission to protect your engine from getting worn out. It’s like giving your car’s engine a suit of armor to stay strong for a long time.

Before you dash to buy some, check your owner’s manual. It’s not just a booklet gathering dust – it’s the guidebook for your car. It might have some extra tips for your specific Accord model.

So, there you go. The 0W-20 synthetic oil is like the superhero sidekick for your Honda Accord’s engine. It keeps things running smoothly and saves you some money at the pump. Your Accord will be happy you gave it the good stuff!


In wrapping up, resetting the oil life indicator in your Honda Accord is a walk in the park. It’s a quick and straightforward process that helps you know when it’s time for an oil change. Just follow the steps I’ve shared, and you’ll reset the indicator in no time.

Keep an eye on your maintenance minder, and if you need more details, check your owner’s manual. Regular oil changes are key to keeping your Honda Accord in great shape, so be sure to stick to the routine. In a nutshell, it’s a simple task that plays a big role in keeping your car running smoothly.