If you own an Acura MDX, you might notice the oil light turning on sometimes. It might worry you, but it’s just a reminder that your car needs an oil change.

Knowing how to reset this oil light is essential. It helps you get rid of the warning and keeps your Acura MDX running well without needing a trip to the dealership.

I’ll show you the steps to reset the oil light on your Acura MDX. Learning this lets you do it yourself, which can be really handy and might save you from going to the dealership.

Gather Materials

When I need to reset the oil light on my Acura MDX, I make sure I have what I need. The owner’s manual tells me where to find the reset button and gives me details about taking care of the car.

I use basic tools like a wrench and screwdriver. They make it easy and quick to reset the oil light. It only takes a few minutes.

The owner’s manual is helpful because it makes a hard task seem easy. With the right tools and information, taking care of my Acura MDX is simple. It helps the car work well and last a long time.

Locate the Reset Button

Resetting the oil light in your Acura MDX is easy. You’ll find the reset button on the dashboard, usually below the steeringwheel. [1] It’s labeled as “Maintenance Required” or “Oil Life.”

The exact location of this button might differ based on the year your MDX was made. Look in your owner’s manual to pinpoint it accurately.

Once you’ve found the button, follow these steps: turn the ignition key to the “on” position (but don’t start the engine), press and hold the reset button for a few seconds until the light blinks or resets, then release the button.

Remembering these steps will help you reset the oil light correctly, keeping your Acura MDX in good condition. Regularly checking the manual for such tasks will maintain your vehicle’s performance.

Acura MDX Maintenance Minder System

The Acura MDX has a clever system that helps maintain its performance. It keeps an eye on how you drive and the quality of the oil. When it’s time for an oil change, it sends a message on your dashboard.

Resetting the maintenance system and oil light after an oil change is important but not difficult. Use the dashboard controls near the steering wheel to find the maintenance screen in the menu. Then select reset and follow the instructions.

Reset the Oil Light On an Acura MDX

Resetting the oil light in an Acura MDX is a simple task, but the steps might differ slightly depending on the year of your vehicle. Here are the instructions to help you through the process:

2014-2020 Acura MDX Oil Light Reset Procedure

Resetting the oil light in your 2014-2020 Acura MDX post an oil change is crucial for maintaining your vehicle’s optimal performance. To accomplish this task effectively, follow these simple steps:

  • Ensure the car is turned on without starting the engine. Tap the Start button twice without pressing the brake pedal, which activates the gauges.
  • Use the right selector wheel on the cluster screen to access the ‘Vehicle Settings’ menu. Scroll until you find it and click the wheel to enter.
  • In the Vehicle Settings menu, scroll down until you see ‘Maintenance Info.’ Select it to enter this section.
  • Inside the Maintenance Info menu, look for the option to reset the oil light. Press the wheel down to choose ‘RESET.’ Once completed, the oil light will be successfully reset.

You can learn on this Youtube video [2] for visualize detail.

2021-2023 Acura MDX Oil Light Reset Procedure

Resetting the oil light on a 2021-2023 Acura MDX is an easy process that won’t take much of your time. Follow these steps to reset the oil light easily:

  • Start the Car and Turn on Power Mode: Start the car without turning on the engine. Then, switch on the power mode without starting the engine. This step is essential before resetting the oil light.
  • Access the Maintenance Menu: Use the right selector wheel to find the ‘MAINTENANCE’ screen. It displays upcoming maintenance tasks.
  • Enter Reset Mode: On the ‘MAINTENANCE’ screen, press and hold the right selector wheel. This lets you enter reset mode to select the specific maintenance item to reset.
  • Choose the Maintenance Item: Use the selector wheel to pick the maintenance item you want to reset. You can also choose to reset all due items if needed.
  • Confirm the Reset: After selecting, press the right selector wheel to confirm. A message will confirm the successful reset of the chosen maintenance item(s).

Taking care of your Acura MDX involves more than just fixing the oil light. It’s about doing simple things to keep your car in good shape and avoid unnecessary costs. By following these basic steps, you can make your car last longer and ensure it stays reliable.

Resetting the oil light is simple. With some basic tools and by following the owner’s manual, you can easily do it yourself after changing the oil. This small task helps your car run well and keeps its maintenance on track.

Follow the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual to keep your Acura MDX in good condition. Regular oil changes, tire rotations, and brake inspections are important to prevent expensive repairs and maintain your car’s performance.