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Where is the Ford Escape Made? Manufacturing Insights

J. Goreham | Last updated Wednesday, April 26th, 2023

Want to know where the Ford Escape is made? Let me tell you about this versatile SUV! The places where Ford makes the Escape have changed.

Knowing where your car is made can tell you a lot about its quality and how it's built. Different countries have different rules for making cars, so it's important to know where yours comes from to match your expectations.

So, where is the Ford Escape made? The main place is Louisville, Kentucky, USA. But Ford also has factories in other countries that might build the Escape too, depending on demand.

Well, let's see where it's made nowadays.

Where Does the Ford Escape Come From?

People often ask me, "Where is the Ford Escape made?" Well, it's proudly made right here in the USA. There are two top-notch plants where they put together this amazing vehicle, providing jobs for thousands of hardworking Americans.

The main spot where they make the Ford Escape is the Louisville Assembly Plant in Kentucky. This place has been around since 1955, and it's huge—covering 3.3 million square feet! They've upgraded it with all the latest technology. Over 4,500 folks work there, making not just the Escape but also other cool models like the Lincoln Corsair and Ford Bronco.

Then there's the Kansas City Assembly Plant in Missouri, the second spot. It's been running since 1951, and it's massive—over 4.7 million square feet. Upgrades in 2011 made it super flexible. With more than 7,500 workers, they make models like the Ford Transit van, Ford F-150, and, of course, the Ford Escape. They pump out around 365,000 vehicles every year!

Manufacturing Plants Outside the United States

I've checked out how Ford Escapes are made outside the US. Most are built here, but some plants abroad make them too. I'll show you these places and how they help make the SUV.

Chongqing Assembly Plant in China

At the Ford Chongqing Assembly Plant in China, I got a close look. This massive place started back in 2003 and covers 1.2 million square meters, employing 14,000 people.

They make the Ford Kuga here, China's version of the Ford Escape. Pumping out more than 400,000 vehicles yearly, this place is a big deal in China's car scene.

But what blew my mind was the 2020 upgrade. They brought in a brand-new production line for the Ford Escape. Picture this: 100 robots working flawlessly, welding and painting car bodies. It felt as if I glimpsed ahead. This cool tech ramped up how accurate and fast they make cars here.

The mix of cool tech and big size at the Chongqing Assembly Plant shows how serious they are about making top-notch cars.

Taiyuan Assembly Plant in China

On my visit to the Taiyuan Assembly Plant in China, I was impressed by its huge size and modern setup. Situated in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, this Ford facility started operating in 2013. Covering an area of 300,000 square meters, it's buzzing with over 1,500 hardworking employees.

This plant plays a big part in making the Ford Kuga, which is like the Chinese version of the Ford Escape. The place is filled with high-tech machines and gadgets, making more than 140,000 vehicles every year. What caught my eye the most was how they use robots to help put the cars together, making sure they're just right.

The plant's dedication to new ideas and doing things well was very clear. It shows how committed Ford is to making great cars for people in China. This place really shows how modern car-making is done.

Valencia Assembly Plant in Spain

I recently learned about the Valencia Assembly Plant in Spain, where they make Ford Escapes for Europe. This place is huge, covering over 2.7 million square feet and providing jobs for 7,000+ people. They pump out around 400,000 cars a year!

What's cool is how big they are on being eco-friendly. They use solar power and have a top-notch system for treating water. That helps them cut down on their impact on the environment.

They're also super high-tech. Robots do a lot of the repetitive work, making things run better and safer for the workers. Seeing all this in action was pretty impressive. The mix of new tech, care for the environment, and making lots of cars makes this plant stand out.

Rayong Assembly Plant in Thailand

The Rayong Assembly Plant in Thailand makes Ford Escapes for Asia. It's huge, covering lots of space and employing many people to churn out heaps of cars each year.

But it's not just about cars here. They care about the nearby community, helping with education, healthcare, and the environment. They give scholarships and support healthcare to help folks around.

Tech-wise, it's impressive. Robots do tricky jobs like painting and welding. Plus, there's a smart system that tracks every part during assembly, making things faster and reducing waste.

You can find more info [here].

Where is Ford Escape Engine Made?

The Ford Escape's engine comes from two spots: the four-cylinder is made in Ohio, USA, and the V6 in Ontario, Canada. They make these engines and send them to places where they build the Ford Escape.

In Ohio, the big Cleveland plant is massive, with over 1,500 workers making top-notch engines for lots of Ford cars.

In Windsor, Ontario, the V6 engine plant has been doing this for over 90 years. More than 1,000 people work there, making tons of engines each year.

Both places care about nature, using clean energy and making sure the engines are super safe. They work hard to create great engines while being kind to the environment.

Ford Escape Models by Year

I've seen the Ford Escape change a lot over the years. Each new version brought something different.

Back in the early 2000s, the first Escape had two options: front-wheel or four-wheel drive. You could pick between a 2.0-liter inline-four or a powerful 3.0-liter V6 engine. Then, in 2004, it got a makeover with a new look and better suspension.

The second version, starting in 2005, was a big change. It had a fresh design, handled better, and had a more fuel-efficient 2.3-liter inline-four engine. That's when they introduced the hybrid model, the first of its kind.

From 2008 to 2012, the third model came out. It looked sleeker and had lots of new tech stuff. They added rearview cameras and better navigation. A few years later, in 2011, it got another update with cool features like a power lift gate.

By 2013, the fourth version hit the streets. It looked modern and had lots of cool features like hands-free lift gates and a system to watch blind spots. Then, in 2017, they added even more safety features like cruise control and lane departure warning.

In 2020, the fifth version arrived with a new look and lots of new stuff inside. It had a heads-up display and a big sunroof. The coolest thing is that this one has hybrid options, so it uses less fuel. The Ford Escape sure has changed a bunch!

Way to Know Where Your Ford Escape Was Made
Discovering where your Ford Escape originates from is pretty exciting! These SUVs are put together in different spots worldwide like the United States, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and China. Where your car was born depends on its model and the year it was made.
Finding out this cool fact is easy! Just peek at your car's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). It's a 17-digit code that hides details about your car’s past, including where it was built.
Check out the first three digits of the VIN; they're like a guide showing where your car came from. For example:
  • United States: 1F*
  • Canada: 2F*
  • Mexico: 3F*
  • Brazil: 9B*
  • China: L*
  • And there are more codes for other countries too.

To sum it up, Ford makes Escapes in lots of places worldwide—like the USA, China, Spain, and Thailand. Where they make a car depends on stuff like where they find materials, how much workers cost, how close it is to buyers, and what rules the government has. All these things help Ford choose where to build cars.

So, when you see a Ford Escape driving by, it's not random it came from a specific place. There are many reasons—the materials, the people, the markets, and the rules—that decide where these cars come from.

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