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Change Battery in Acura Key Fob: Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Colby Brookman | Last updated Thursday, April 27th, 2023

Is your Acura key fob acting up or not working well? It might need a new battery. Don't worry, changing it is easy!
Identify your key fob, follow the steps, and you'll have a working key fob again in no time!
Acura uses different types of key fobs: the Keyless Remote and the Smart Key. The Keyless Remote has lock, unlock, and panic buttons, while the Smart Key allows keyless entry and a push-button start. Both need battery replacements over time.

Identify the Type of Acura Battery Needed

Finding the right battery for your Acura key fob is simpler than you might think. There are two main types commonly used: the coin cell, similar to watch batteries, and the rechargeable lithium-ion battery found in Smart Keys, lasting for years.
To easily discover your key fob's battery type, check out the owner's manual. It's a treasure trove of details about your key fob, including the battery it needs. No manual on hand? No problem. A quick online search using your Acura's make and model will lead you to various resources revealing the battery type.
Once you know the battery type, buying the right one is crucial. You can find replacements at electronics stores or online. Stick to reputable brands and ensure the battery matches your key fob before making the purchase.
My suggestion? Keeping tabs on your key fob's battery needs is a smart move. It might seem small, but it saves a lot of hassle later on.

Acura Key Fob Battery Replacement

Changing the battery in your Acura key fob is quite simple. Most Acura models like MDX, ILX, RDX, and TLX use a CR2032 Button Cell battery.
These steps should work for most popular Acura models. It's an easy DIY fix to keep your key fob working smoothly.
Guide to Change an Acura Keyless Remote Battery
Having trouble with your Acura's keyless remote? No worries! The following these steps will give your Acura keyless remote a fresh battery, saving you a trip and keeping your car tech in top shape!
  • Step 1: Take Out the Metal Key: Flip over your keyless remote and find a small tab. Slide it to release the metal key from the remote.
  • Step 2: Open the Remote: Now that you've got the metal key out, use it to gently open the keyless remote. There's an opening where the metal key fits – use it to separate the remote's two parts.
  • Step 3: Remove the Old Battery: Inside, you'll see the old battery. Use a small screwdriver or something similar to take it out.
  • Step 4: Put in the New Battery: Grab your new battery – make sure the positive (+) side faces outward when you place it in.
  • Step 5: Close the Remote: Snap the two halves of the keyless remote together until you hear two clicks.
  • Step 6: Put Back the Metal Key: Slide the metal key back into its slot on the remote.
  • Step 7: Seal it Up: Snap the two halves of the remote shut. Your Acura keyless remote should be good to go, just like new.

Steps to Change an Acura Smart Key Battery

Replacing the battery in my Acura smart key is a simple task with clear steps that I can easily follow.
  • First, I take out the metal blade key by pressing the release button on the side and sliding it out. Then, I gently use a flat-head screwdriver to open the smart key fob by inserting it between the halves and separating them.
  • Inside, I find two small batteries that need swapping out. With care, I slide these out of their compartments.
  • Afterward, I grab the new batteries, making sure they're facing the right way (positive side up), and slide them into place. It requires a bit of precision to fit them snugly.
  • Once the new batteries are in, I snap the two halves of the fob back together. I make sure they fit properly before firmly pressing them to ensure they're securely joined.
And that's it! My Acura smart key is now powered up and good to go. This process usually takes just a few minutes and saves me the trouble of getting it done elsewhere.

How Long Does an Acura Key Fob Battery Last?

The Acura key fob battery's life can vary. It usually lasts around two to four years. However, if you use it a lot, it might only work for a few months.
How long it lasts mostly depends on how often you use it. If you're always locking and unlocking your car or using the remote start, the battery might wear out faster. Keeping an eye on how well the key fob works helps to know when it might need a new battery.

What Happens When an Acura Key Fob Battery is Low?

Dealing with a low Acura key fob battery? It can cause a real headache. When it's low, the key fob starts acting up - sometimes it even locks you out of your car or the buttons don't work as they should. It's really important to catch these signs early and check the battery level. Most times, just changing the battery fixes the problem.
If you're noticing these issues with your key fob, don't ignore them! Taking a quick look at the battery can save you a lot of trouble later on. By keeping an eye on it, you can prevent getting stuck outside your car or struggling with the buttons. Remember, a simple battery change can save you a bunch of hassle!
How Do I Know What Size Battery My Acura Key Fob Needs?
Determining the right battery size for an Acura key fob is easy. Just refer to the car's manual or search online. Usually, you'll find the battery size on the back of the fob or on the battery itself.
It's vital to get the correct size to prevent any issues with the key fob. Checking this information before purchasing ensures you get the right battery size. This small step can save you from potential problems down the line.
Replacing an Acura key fob battery is easy! 
To start, locate the small groove on the fob's side. Use a coin or small screwdriver to open the case. Once open, take out the old battery and put in a new CR2032 battery. Snap the case shut, and you're set! This process takes just a few minutes, ensuring your key fob works without issues while you're out and about.
It's a quick fix that prevents the hassle of a dead fob. Keep your Acura key fob running smoothly by changing the battery easily.

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