The Nissan Frontier has been around since 1997 and has seen changes over the years. [1] The initial version from 1997 to 2004 offered both two- and four-wheel drive options. Then, from 2004 to 2014, it got a stronger engine and more space. Since 2014, the latest Frontier has an even stronger engine and additional safety features.

Regarding “How Much Can a Nissan Frontier Tow?”— this truck has a towing capacity ranging from 6,270 to 6,720 pounds, depending on its setup[2]

Nissan Frontier Towing Capacity

As a midsize pickup truck, the Nissan Frontier boasts commendable towing abilities despite its smaller stature compared to larger counterparts like the Ford F-150 or Chevy Silverado. Let’s break down the towing capacities of Nissan Frontier trucks, each offering a different pulling power depending on their specific setup.

1. King Cab

Starting with the King Cab models, they’re available in 2WD and 4WD. The King Cab S 2WD version can tow up to 6,720 pounds, while the 4WD variant handles slightly less at 6,510 pounds. Upgrading to the King Cab SV 2WD increases the towing capacity to 6,670 pounds, whereas the SV 4WD version handles up to 6,470 pounds.

2. Crew Cab

Moving on to the Crew Cab series, these trucks have more interior space and four doors. The Crew Cab S 2WD boasts a towing capacity of 6,570 pounds, whereas the S 4WD manages 6,370 pounds.

Choosing the SV 2WD allows for towing up to 6,530 pounds, while the SV 4WD variant handles 6,330 pounds. Interestingly, both the PRO-X 2WD and PRO-4X 4WD versions offer a solid towing capacity of 6,470 pounds.

3. Crew Cab Long Bed

Lastly, there’s the Crew Cab Long Bed model, which provides extra cargo space. The SV 2WD version tows up to 6,460 pounds, while the SV 4WD manages 6,260 pounds.

Nissan Frontier Payload Capacity

Let’s break down the payload capabilities for the different versions of the Frontier truck to see what weight they can carry.

1. Frontier King Cab

Starting with the Frontier King Cab – there are 2WD and 4WD options. The King Cab S 2WD can handle up to 1,600 pounds, while the S 4WD manages slightly less at 1,410 pounds. If you’re eyeing the SV 2WD, it handles around 1,610 pounds, while the SV 4WD is at 1,440 pounds.

2. Frontier Crew Cab

Moving on to the Frontier Crew Cab, which is roomier with four doors, available in both 2WD and 4WD. The Crew Cab S 2WD can handle 1,460 pounds, and the S 4WD manages up to 1,260 pounds.

The Crew Cab SV 2WD can carry 1,480 pounds, while the SV 4WD handles a sturdy 1,290 pounds. If you’re interested in the PRO-X 2WD or PRO-4X 4WD versions, both can manage 1,430 pounds.

3. Frontier Crew Cab Long Bed

For those considering the Frontier Crew Cab Long Bed series, the SV 2WD can carry 1,360 pounds, while the SV 4WD manages 1,160 pounds.

Nissan Frontier Towing Capacity Considerations

Before you hit the road, it’s important to understand some key concepts related to towing capacity.

1. GVWR – Weight Limits

Different Nissan Frontier models have different weight limits. For instance, a King Cab S 2WD can handle up to 5,730 pounds, while a Crew Cab PRO-4X 4WD can manage up to 6,150 pounds. Check your vehicle manual or ask a Nissan dealer for your Frontier’s specific weight limit.

2. Payload – What You Can Carry

To figure out how much your Frontier can carry, subtract its curb weight (the weight without cargo or passengers) from the GVWR. For example, if your Nissan Frontier Crew Cab SV 2WD has a GVWR of 5,950 pounds and a curb weight of 4,500 pounds, it can carry up to 1,450 pounds.

3. GCWR – Total Weight Allowed

The GCWR of the Nissan Frontier differs based on the model. The King Cab S 2WD has a GCWR of 11,260 pounds, while the Crew Cab PRO-4X 4WD has a GCWR of 12,510 pounds. To ensure safety, refer to your vehicle’s manual or ask a Nissan dealer for your Frontier’s specific GCWR.

Going over the GCWR can cause safety issues such as reduced braking ability and unstable trailer handling. Always make sure your trailer’s total weight, including cargo, stays within your vehicle’s GCWR for safe towing.

Does Nissan Frontier Have a Tow Package?

Yes, the Nissan Frontier has a special towing package available for certain models.

This package helps with towing by including useful features. It has a Class IV hitch receiver that can handle up to 6,000 pounds. That’s good for towing boats, trailers, or heavy things.

Also, there’s a 7-pin wiring harness in the package. This lets you connect your trailer lights to your truck’s electrical system. It makes sure your trailer lights work right for safety on the road.

The package also comes with a trailer brake controller. This helps control your trailer’s brakes from inside your truck. It’s handy when towing heavier stuff for better control and safety.

Remember, not every Nissan Frontier model has this tow package. If you want one with these towing features, it’s best to check with a local Nissan dealer to see which models have it.

If you already have a Nissan Frontier and want to add this tow package, you can do it. But it’s smart to have a professional install it to avoid damaging your vehicle or trailer.

Nissan Frontier Towing Features

The Nissan Frontier isn’t just about raw power, it’s come with some cool stuff for towing, making it safer and easier. These features make towing heavy loads feel more manageable.

1. Engine Choices

The Frontier gives you two engines to choose from: a 2.5-liter four-cylinder and a 4.0-liter V6. The V6 engine, with 261 horsepower and 281 lb-ft of torque, is better for towing heavier stuff. Teamed up with either a six-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmission, it’s got the power for towing jobs.

2. Keeping Things Steady: Trailer Sway Control

It’s got this thing called trailer sway control that helps keep your trailer steady while towing. It’s a handy feature that adds stability when you’re hauling larger trailers.

3. Hill Assistance: Hill Start Assist

The Frontier has hill start assist to prevent rolling back when you’re towing something hefty up a hill. It’s there to make climbing hills with a load a bit easier.

4. Brake Control Option

There’s an option to add a brake controller if you want more control over braking while towing. It’s something you can personalize based on how you like to brake with a trailer.

5. Smart Mirrors: Power-Adjustable and Heated

The truck comes with power-adjustable and heated mirrors that come in handy when towing. They adjust to give you better visibility and keep you safer on the road.

6. Tough Hitch Receiver

The Frontier has a sturdy hitch receiver as standard, capable of towing up to 6,720 pounds. It’s a strong part that works with different trailers, showing off its towing strength.

Which Nissan Frontier has the Best Towing Capacity?

The Nissan Frontier King Cab S 2WD tows up to 6,720 pounds, while the Crew Cab PRO-4X 4WD manages 6,270 pounds.

The King Cab S 2WD leads in towing capacity, better for heavier loads. Meanwhile, the Crew Cab PRO-4X 4WD is a bit lower but offers improved off-road abilities.

So, Nissan’s Frontier models give options to match specific needs without making the decision too complicated.

Can a Nissan Frontier Pull a Travel Trailer?

Yes, the Nissan Frontier can tow a travel trailer, but it depends on how heavy the trailer is.

Make sure the trailer’s weight doesn’t go over what your Nissan Frontier can handle for towing. Using a weight distribution hitch and sway control can help keep everything steady while towing.

Is the Nissan Frontier the Same As Navara?

Yep, the Nissan Frontier and Navara are pretty much the same truck but sold in different places. The Frontier is for North America, and the Navara is for other countries.

They’ve got the same base, engine, and transmission options, but might look a bit different inside and out, depending on where they’re sold. They’re like twins, you know? Similar but with their own style based on where they’re bought.


In my assessment, the Nissan Frontier works great for towing. It’s got a strong engine and can handle different towing jobs easily.

If you’re looking for a midsize pickup truck that’s good for towing, the Nissan Frontier is a solid choice. It’s powerful, reliable, and does the job well when you need to tow stuff around.