Thinking about going to a Honda dealership with your Acura? It could be because there are no Acura shops nearby. Surprisingly, Honda dealers can do basic Acura services like oil changes, tire rotations, and brake repairs.

Both Acura and Honda are from the same parent company. So, Honda places might know more about Acura than other non-Acura spots.

I’m here to answer: “Can I take my Acura to a Honda dealership?” Let’s see if it’s a good choice. Stick with me as I dig into this topic, helping you figure out if a Honda shop is the right pick for your Acura.

Acura and Honda: What’s the Connection?

Acura came to be in 1986, [1] because Honda wanted to sell fancier cars. Even though Acura acts like it’s on its own, Honda makes all the cars. Acura’s cars and Honda vehicles have lots of the same parts and cool things. That’s why some Honda shops can do easy fixes for Acura cars.

But here’s the interesting part: Some Honda stores have special spots just for Acura cars. These places have really smart mechanics trained only for Acura models.

They’ve got special tools to do hard fixes only for Acura cars, stuff that normal Honda mechanics can’t handle. So, when someone brings their Acura to a Honda shop, they can trust the special Acura team there to take extra good care of it.

Can You Service Your Acura at a Honda Dealership?

Can a Honda garage fix your Acura if there’s no Acura shop nearby? Yes, most Honda spots can do basic stuff for Acura[2] But, here’s the deal.

If you’re far (like 90+ miles) from an Acura shop, [3] a Honda place can handle Acura warranty jobs and regular fixes.

For big or tricky fixes, though, it’s better to hit up an Acura spot. No matter where you go, find a mechanic who knows Acura. That way, your car gets the right TLC.

Choosing the correct location is important. Whether it’s a routine check or a big repair, finding a good mechanic keeps your Acura running best, wherever you choose to get it fixed.

Warranty Coverage for Acura at Honda Dealerships

If your Acura’s still under warranty, you can take it to Acura or Honda dealerships for service. You get to choose where it’s most convenient for you.

The warranty’s the same at both places, so don’t worry about getting worse service at a Honda spot.

Here’s the thing: Honda dealerships can handle Acura warranty work, but they might not offer everything Acura dealerships do.

For instance, Acura dealers might give you a loaner car while yours is being serviced, while Honda might not. But that doesn’t mean Honda won’t do a good job – they just might have different extras.

Cost Differences between Acura and Honda Dealerships

Comparing costs between Acura and Honda dealerships is like comparing prices at fancy and regular car shops. Acura, the fancy one, charges more for fixing and servicing than Honda. Why? Because Acura is all about luxury, so fixing them at Acura shops costs more—they use fancier stuff in the cars.

Acura shops have special tools and experts just for Acura. This makes the cost go up. But it means pros handle your Acura, giving you peace of mind.

Now, Honda shops? Cheaper labor and parts! Honda focus on being affordable. But using those cheaper parts for an Acura might not keep it top-notch. Acura need higher-quality bits to keep their A-game.

Deciding where to fix your Acura? Think warranty first. If it’s covered, go to Acura. If not, think about the price. Honda is cheaper, but might not give your Acura the top treatment it needs. Find a balance between cost and great care for your Acura.

What is Acura’s Best-Selling Car?

Acura’s top-selling car is the Acura MDX, a fancy SUV with three rows. [4] Loads of people love it because it’s super comfy, works great, and is really useful.

This SUV is a big hit since it gives us luxury and power while also being really practical. It’s perfect for peoples who want a fancy ride that’s also really handy.

The Acura MDX keeps being popular because it’s awesome at making driving feel great while still giving us the luxury and usefulness we want in a car.

Is INFINITI better than Acura?

Deciding between INFINITI and Acura comes down to personal preference. Both brands offer great cars with strong performance and fancy features.

INFINITI is better if you love powerful rides, while Acura is good if you want a mix of luxury and performance. It’s about what you want more – a really fast car or one that’s fancy and performs well.

Just think about what matters most to you when driving: Do you want excitement or a balance of style and performance? That’s what’ll help you choose the right car for you.


Can I take my Acura to a Honda dealership? To sum it up, most Honda shops help if you’re far from an Acura shop. Acura shops know more about Acura’s cars and both honor Acura warranties.

Acura shops might cost more, while Honda shops have cheaper parts and labor but maybe not as good as Acura parts.

In short, if far or needing a quick fix, try a Honda shop. But for harder repairs or care, go to Acura. Think about cost and what you need. Choose based on your situation.