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How Much Can a Ford Ranger Tow? Top-Notch Hauling Power

Owen McBride | Last updated Monday, May 1st, 2023

I'll explain how much a Ford Ranger can tow. It's a big deal because it keeps things safe and makes sure the truck works right.

The Ford Ranger started small but got bigger and better over time. Now, it's in its fourth generation and has become a more useful midsize truck.

The Ford Ranger isn't just good for towing; it's also awesome for off-road driving. It's got a cool thing called a Terrain Management System that helps you drive on different terrains like mud, snow, or sand. Plus, it's got some neat off-road stuff like tough tires, skid plates, and a locking rear differential.

So, if you're thinking, "How Much Can a Ford Ranger Tow?" – it's not just about towing; it's a great truck for off-road adventures, too.

How Much Can a Ford Ranger Really Tow?

Want to know about the Ford Ranger's towing ability? Let me explain it simply. No matter what year, type, or engine it is, this truck can tow up to 7,500 pounds—a lot of weight!

But, remember, towing has rules. Don't go over the maximum weight the truck can handle. With the right gear and being careful, the Ford Ranger is good for towing.

Look at this table showing how much it can tow:

Year RangeTrim PackagesEngineTowing Capacity Range
2019-2023XL/XLT/Lariat2.3-liter EcoBoost, I-43,500-7,500 pounds, Automatic

(3.73 Axle Ratio)

2002-2011XL/XLT/Sport/Splash2.3-liter, I-41,340-2,295 pounds, Automatic (3.73 Axle Ratio)/Manual (3.73 or 4.10 Axle Ratio)
2004-2008XL/XLT/SXT/Sport/Splash/Edge3.0-liter, V-62,240-2,660 pounds, Automatic/Manual (3.73 or 4.10 Axle Ratio)
2000-2003XL/XLT/Edge3.0-liter, V-62,200-4,160 pounds, Automatic/Manual (3.73 and 4.10 Axle Ratio)
2000-2011XL/XLT/Sport/FX4/STX/Edge/Splash4.0-liter, V-62,000-6,070 pounds, Automatic/Manual (3.55/3.73 and 4.10 Axle Ratio)
2000-2001XL/XLT2.5-liter, I-41,360-2,195 pounds, Automatic/Manual (3.73/4.10 Axle Ratio)
2000Ranger4.0-liter, V-61,360-6,060 pounds, Automatic (3.55/3.73/4.10 Axle Ratio)

This truck is handy for pulling trailers or gear. If you know what you're doing and take care, the Ford Ranger is a reliable choice for towing stuff around.

Which Ford Ranger Model is Best for Towing?

Picking the best Ford Ranger for towing can be confusing with all the options available. Let me simplify it.
There are four models: XL, XLT, Lariat, and Tremor. Each has its own features.
The XL is the base model. It has a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine and can tow up to 3,500 pounds. It's good for lighter loads.
Next is the XLT. It has extra features like power windows and locks. When equipped with the Trailer Tow Package, it can tow up to 7,500 pounds. Handy for heavier things.
Then, the Lariat model. Offers a more luxurious experience, featuring leather seats. It also tows up to 7,500 pounds when you add the Trailer Tow Package.
Lastly, the Tremor is made for off-road driving. It has a lifted suspension and off-road features. With four-wheel drive, it also tows up to 7,500 pounds with the Trailer Tow Package.
So, if I need to tow more than 3,500 pounds, I'd go for the XLT, Lariat, or Tremor models with the Trailer Tow Package. They're better for handling heavier loads.

Ford Ranger Towing Features

Picking the right gear for towing with a Ford Ranger makes a big difference. This truck has features that really help out.

1. Trailer Sway Control

The Trailer Sway Control is awesome. It keeps the trailer steady by using brakes on different wheels and adjusting engine power. This is super helpful, especially if the weather's bad or the road's rough.

2. Blind Spot Monitoring

The Blind Spot Monitoring is a real lifesaver. Towing means I've got bigger blind spots, but this system uses sensors to spot other cars nearby. If it sees something, it flashes a warning on my side mirrors, so I know before changing lanes.

3. Rearview Camera

Backing up while towing is tough, but the Rearview Camera makes it simple. It gives me a clear view of what's behind me, so hitching my trailer and parking in tight spots is way easier.

4. Tow/Haul Mode

Lastly, the Tow/Haul Mode is great. It changes how the truck shifts gears and responds to the gas pedal when I'm towing. This mode helps me accelerate better, brake smoother, and keeps everything stable, especially when I'm towing something heavy.

Ford Ranger Towing Packages

The Ford Ranger has different packages that help it tow stuff better. Let's check them out:
  • Trailer Tow Package: This is for all Ford Ranger models. It gives a hitch receiver, wiring, and helps control swaying when towing. With it, your Ranger can tow up to 7,500 pounds.
  • FX4 Off-Road Package: If you tow off-road, this is for you. It has special tires, a rear lockable differential, and off-road-ready shocks. It helps handle different terrains while towing.
  • Tremor Off-Road Package: This is new for the Ford Ranger Tremor model. It gives a lifted suspension, off-road shocks, and front-back tow hooks. Tough tires and bottom plates make it great for off-road towing.
  • Tow Technology Package: For XLT or Lariat models, this package offers cool features: adaptive cruise control, collision warning, and emergency brakes. Plus, a camera system helps see around your truck when towing.
Keep in mind: adding these packages might make your Ford Ranger use more fuel when towing heavy stuff as the engine works harder.

How Much Can a Ranger Tow without Towing Package?

How much weight a Ford Ranger can tow without a towing package? It's 3,500 pounds, which is decent. But if you add a towing package, it jumps up to 7,500 pounds. Just keep in mind, the exact amount it can tow depends on the type of Ranger you have.

So, can a Ford Ranger tow 7,000 lbs? Yup! Some versions can handle that weight, but you'll need the right towing package and gear. Upgrading like this seriously boosts the Ranger's power, especially for heavier stuff. Whether you're working or having fun, having that extra towing strength can be a big plus.

What is the Biggest Trailer a Ford Ranger Can Pull?

Are Rangers good for towing? The Ford Ranger is a solid truck for towing things. It's good for personal and work use because it can pull up to 7,500 pounds. But here's the thing: how much it can tow depends on the model and setup.

With the right towing gear, the Ranger can handle different trailers. Whether it's small ones like jet ski and motorcycle trailers or a bit larger like teardrop and utility trailers, it can manage them.

The trick is getting the setup that suits your needs. That's what makes towing easy, whether you're having fun or getting a job done. The Ranger's strength works for various trailer sizes, making it a flexible pick for towing tasks.


Summing up, the Ford Ranger is a reliable truck, especially for towing stuff. It's got a good mix of power, agility, and gas mileage, making it perfect for everyday use. Compared to other midsize trucks, its towing capacity is right up there, ranging from 3,500 to 7,500 pounds. What's cool is that you can customize its towing features to fit your needs.

I think the Ford Ranger is totally worth checking out. It's strong for towing, versatile, and tough. Whether you need it for personal or work use, it’s got you covered. With its towing range and ability to handle different needs, this truck really nails it when it comes to towing duties.

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