Bentley’s cars are known for being super fancy and performing really well. They’ve been around since 1919 and are loved by folks who adore top-notch cars.

But, when you own one, it’s important to know how to put gas in a Bentley properly. This keeps it running great and lasting a long time.

I’ve made a simple guide that’ll show you step-by-step how to put gas in a Bentley. You’ll learn the best tips and what to remember as a Bentley owner. Following these steps will help your Bentley stay awesome and perform amazingly.

Bentley Fueling Basics Overview

Put gas in a Bentley properly is a must! Your Bentley runs best on top-notch gas with an octane rating of 98 RON[1] Always opt for premium unleaded gas to keep the engine in top shape. Avoid ethanol blends if possible. If you can’t find the good stuff, a lower-rated gas with an octane booster can do in a pinch.

Using high-quality gas like premium unleaded keeps your engine cleaner and running super smooth. It’s not just good for the car; it’s good for your wallet too! Bad gas or the wrong octane can make weird noises in the engine, mess up fuel use, and even harm the engine.

Remember, using the right gas for your Bentley is a must! Treat your car right by giving it the best gas you can find. Want more tips on how to Put Gas in a Bentley? Keep reading!

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Put Gas in a Bentley

Putting gas in a Bentley is a simple task. Here’s a step-by-step guide that anyone can follow:

  • Step 1: Find the Fuel Cap: Look on the right side of your Bentley, near the back wheel. Check your Bentley owner’s manual if you’re not sure where to find it.
  • Step 2: Open the Fuel Cap: Twist the fuel cap counterclockwise to unlock it. Some models might need a button or lever to open it, often on the door control panel.
  • Step 3: Choose the Right Fuel: Refer to your Bentley owner’s manual to know the best fuel grade for your car. Bentley’s cars need high-quality fuel with a minimum octane rating of 91.
  • Step 4: Fill Up the Tank: Put the fuel nozzle into the tank and start filling. Keep an eye on the fuel gauge to avoid overfilling. Using a funnel reduces the chances of making a mess.
  • Step 5: Close the Fuel Cap: Once your tank is full, twist the fuel cap clockwise until it’s closed tightly. This makes sure there won’t be any leaks.

Safety Tips:

Stay safe while refueling your Bentley. Always turn off the engine before filling up to prevent accidents and engine problems. Avoid smoking or using your phone as it can cause fires. Don’t leave the fuel nozzle unattended or keep filling after the tank is full. Keep a fire extinguisher close by as a precaution.

Bentley Fueling Tips and Best Practices

Here are some smart tips to keep your Bentley running smoothly every time you fill up:

  • Opt for Quality Fuel: Your Bentley performs best with top-notch fuel rated at 91 octane or higher. Choose premium unleaded gasoline to ensure your engine works efficiently and uses fuel wisely.
  • Maintain Half-Full Tank: Try to keep your fuel tank at least half full to prevent buildup inside it and avoid running out of gas unexpectedly. This helps your engine run smoothly and keeps your fuel pump healthy.
  • Avoid Overfilling: Filling your tank too much can lead to spills and harm your fuel system. Watch your fuel gauge closely and stop filling when your tank’s full.
  • Stop at Full: Don’t try to squeeze in more fuel after the nozzle clicks off. This extra fuel can overflow and damage your car’s systems, so it’s best to stop when it’s full.
  • Refuel Regularly: Keep an eye on your fuel levels and refill before they drop below a quarter tank. Regular refueling prevents buildup and keeps your engine in good shape.
  • Keep It Clean: Regularly clean your fuel tank to prevent dirt and debris from harming your Bentley’s engine. A clean tank means a healthier engine for your luxury ride.

Mistakes to Avoid During the Fueling Process

Here are three important tips for filling up your car’s fuel tank safely:

  • Forget to Seal the Fuel Cap: After filling up, make sure the fuel cap is tightly closed. If it’s loose, fuel might spill and harm your car’s fuel system.
  • Wrong Fuel Grade: Always use the fuel grade recommended for your car. Using the wrong one can damage the engine and reduce fuel efficiency. Check your car’s manual for the correct type.
  • Engine On: It’s important to switch off the engine before refueling. Keeping it running can be risky and could damage your engine.

These simple steps can help keep you and your car safe while refueling, preventing any accidents or damage that could happen otherwise.

Bentley Fueling Etiquette and Station Selection

Fueling your Bentley requires following some important rules at gas stations. These guidelines ensure a good experience for everyone:

  • Be Polite: Don’t block pumps and think about others waiting to fill up.
  • Use Special Lanes: Some gas stations have lanes just for fancy cars like Bentley. It makes the process faster.
  • Keep It Clean: Throw away trash and be careful not to spill fuel. Keeping things tidy reflects well on Bentley owners.

Choosing the right gas station for your Bentley is important. Here’s what to remember:

  • Good Fuel: Pick stations known for good quality fuel. It keeps your Bentley running smoothly.
  • Clean Stations: Look for stations that are neat. It lowers the chance of problems when refueling.
  • Reputation: Check reviews from other Bentley owners. It helps to know if a station is reliable.

Finding these stations might need some effort:

  • Online Search: Ask other Bentley owners for suggestions online.
  • Manufacturer Help: Bentley might suggest stations. Check their website or ask your Bentley dealer.
  • Special Clubs: Look for clubs for luxury car owners. They might offer discounts or suggest good stations.
  • Use Apps: Find nearby stations and pick based on amenities or fuel quality.

Ensuring Long-Term Fueling Success

Regular check-ups help spot problems early, preventing bigger issues later.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Check Regularly: Have a professional inspect your fuel system regularly. They’ll look at the fuel tank, lines, pump, and injectors for any issues like leaks or blockages. Fixing these early can save you money on repairs.
  • Fuel Filter Replacement: The fuel filter cleans dirt from your fuel. Over time, it gets clogged and affects how your engine works. Check your Bentley’s manual or ask a technician when to replace it.
  • Fix Issues: If your car doesn’t run well—using more fuel, running rough, or hard to start—get it checked. Take it to a Bentley service center for a check-up and repairs.

Role of Professional Bentley Service Centers

Skilled Bentley service centers play a big part in keeping your car’s fuel system in great shape. Here’s why they’re so helpful:

  • Special Skills: Technicians at Bentley service centers are experts when it comes to these cars. They know Bentley vehicles inside out, which means they can fix problems really well.
  • Genuine Parts: These centers use real Bentley parts made just for your car. It’s like giving your car the perfect tools to stay healthy and work its best.
  • Advanced Tools: Bentley service centers have fancy equipment to figure out exactly what’s up with your fuel system. This helps them fix issues faster and more accurately, saving you time.
  • Warranty Safety: Getting your Bentley serviced at an authorized center protects your warranty. It means all the work done meets Bentley’s standards, which keeps your investment safe.

Will A Bentley Get Good Gas Mileage?

Bentley’s cars focus more on being super powerful and luxurious rather than saving fuel. That means they might not be the best choice if you’re looking for something that’s really great on gas.

On average, Bentley’s get about 14–18 miles per gallon (MPG) when you drive them in the city or on the highway. [2] But here’s something cool: Bentley has made some hybrid models. These hybrids can get up to 22 miles per gallon, which is much better on gas compared to other Bentley cars.

So, if you’re thinking about getting a Bentley, just know that while they might not win awards for gas mileage, these hybrid models can give you a bit more mileage for your fuel money. Plus, they still come with all that luxurious Bentley style and comfort!


Now you’re a pro at fueling your Bentley just right. Always peek at your Bentley’s manual for exact fueling instructions. Use good fuel and be nice when you’re filling up. Regular maintenance and quick fixes will keep your Bentley’s fuel system working perfectly.

You’re in control now! By doing this, you’ll keep your Bentley’s fuel system in top condition and enjoy smooth rides ahead. Feel confident every time you refuel, knowing you’re taking care of your luxury car like a pro!