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The Ultimate Guide to Put Gas in a Bentley

Colby Brookman | Last updated Tuesday, May 16th, 2023

Discover the step-by-step process of how to put gas in a Bentley with this comprehensive guide. Learn the best practices, fueling tips, and essential considerations for Bentley owners.

Bentley is a renowned luxury car brand known for its opulence, refinement, and unparalleled performance. Since its inception in 1919, Bentley has been synonymous with high-end motoring, and its cars are highly sought after by car enthusiasts and luxury car buyers alike.

However, owning a Bentley comes with certain responsibilities, including knowing how to properly fuel it to maintain its exceptional performance and longevity.

Understanding Bentley Fueling Basics

Bentley cars require high-quality fuel with a minimum octane rating of 91, or 98 RON. It is recommended to use premium unleaded gasoline to ensure optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency. Additionally, Bentley owners should avoid using ethanol-blended gasoline, as it can damage the engine over time.

If premium unleaded gasoline is not available, it is recommended to use a lower octane rating fuel with an octane booster to prevent engine damage.

Using high-quality fuel is crucial for maintaining the performance of a Bentley. Premium unleaded gasoline contains fewer impurities and additives, which helps to keep the engine clean and running smoothly. It also provides better fuel efficiency, which can save money on fuel costs in the long run.

In contrast, using low-quality fuel or fuel with a lower octane rating than recommended can lead to engine knocking, decreased fuel efficiency, and potentially serious damage to the engine.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Put Gas in a Bentley

Refueling your Bentley is a quick and straightforward process that involves opening the gas door and selecting the appropriate fuel grade. After pulling up to the gas pump, you're ready to begin the refueling process.

Step 1: Locate the Fuel Cap

The fuel cap on a Bentley is typically located on the right side of the car, near the rear wheel. If you're unsure about the location of the fuel cap, refer to your Bentley owner's manual for guidance.

Step 2: Open the Fuel Cap

Once you've located the fuel cap, twist it counterclockwise to unlock it. Some models may require you to press a button or pull a lever to open the fuel cap. You can find this button situated on the door control panel of your Bentley.

Step 3: Choose the Right Fuel Grade

Check your Bentley owner's manual to determine the recommended fuel grade for your vehicle. As mentioned earlier, Bentley vehicles require high-quality fuel with a minimum octane rating of 91.

Step 4: Fill Up the Tank

Insert the fuel nozzle into the tank and squeeze the handle to start filling up the tank. Be sure to keep an eye on the fuel gauge to avoid overfilling the tank. It's also recommended to use a funnel to prevent spills and contamination.

Step 5: Close the Fuel Cap

Once you've filled up the tank, replace the fuel cap by twisting it clockwise until it clicks into place. Make sure it's tightly secured to prevent fuel leaks.

Safety Precautions:

While fueling your Bentley, it's essential to take safety precautions to prevent accidents and damage to the vehicle. Below are several key points to bear in mind:

  • Turn off the engine before fueling to prevent accidents and potential engine damage.
  • Avoid smoking or using your cell phone while fueling to prevent fires and explosions.
  • Don't leave the fuel nozzle unattended or continue fueling after the tank is full.
  • Ensure the presence of a readily accessible fire extinguisher for unforeseen emergencies.

Bentley Fueling Tips and Best Practices

To ensure that your fueling experience is smooth and efficient, we've gathered some expert tips and best practices to follow.

1. Use High-Quality Fuel

As we've discussed earlier, Bentley vehicles require high-quality fuel with a minimum octane rating of 91. It's essential to use premium unleaded gasoline to ensure optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency.

2. Keep Your Fuel Tank Full

It's recommended to keep your fuel tank at least half full at all times to prevent sediment buildup and avoid running out of fuel. A full tank of gas also helps to maintain proper fuel pressure and prevent fuel pump damage.

3. Avoid Overfilling the Tank

Overfilling your fuel tank can cause fuel spills and damage the fuel system. Always keep an eye on the fuel gauge and stop fueling once the tank is full.

4. Don't Top Off the Tank

Topping off your fuel tank can cause fuel to overflow and result in fuel system damage. It's best to stop fueling once the fuel nozzle clicks off automatically.

5. Refuel Regularly

Monitor your fuel levels regularly and refuel your Bentley before the fuel gauge drops below a quarter tank. This practice helps to prevent sediment buildup and maintain optimal engine performance.

6. Keep Your Fuel Tank Clean

Keeping the fuel tank clean is crucial for maintaining the health of a Bentley's engine. Dirt, debris, and other contaminants can enter the fuel tank and cause damage to the engine over time. It is recommended to have the fuel tank cleaned regularly to prevent contamination and ensure optimal engine performance.

Mistakes to Avoid During the Fueling Process

1. Forgetting to Replace the Fuel Cap

Failing to replace the fuel cap properly can result in fuel leaks and damage to the fuel system. Always ensure that the fuel cap is tightly secured after refueling.

2. Using the Wrong Fuel Grade

Using the wrong fuel grade can cause engine damage and affect fuel efficiency. Always refer to your Bentley owner's manual to determine the recommended fuel grade for your vehicle.

3. Leaving the Engine On While Fueling

Leaving the engine on while fueling can cause accidents and damage to the vehicle's engine. Always turn off the engine before refueling.

Monitoring Fuel Levels and Refilling Frequency

Monitoring your Bentley's fuel levels is essential to maintain optimal engine performance and avoid running out of fuel. It's recommended to refuel before the fuel gauge drops below a quarter tank.

If you frequently drive your Bentley in stop-and-go traffic or harsh driving conditions, it's best to refuel more frequently to prevent sediment buildup.

Bentley Fueling Etiquette and Station Selection

When visiting gas stations with your Bentley, it's important to follow proper fueling etiquette. Below are a set of guidelines to remember:

  • Be Considerate of Others: Avoid blocking access to fuel pumps and be mindful of other drivers waiting to refuel.
  • Use Dedicated Lanes: Many gas stations have dedicated lanes for luxury and high-end vehicles. Utilize these lanes if available to ensure a smooth and efficient fueling process.
  • Keep the Fuel Area Clean: Dispose of trash properly and avoid any spills or leaks while fueling. Leaving the fuel area clean helps maintain a positive image for Bentley owners.
  • Selecting the right gas station for your Bentley involves several important considerations. Highlighted below are several factors to bear in mind:
  • Fuel Quality: Choose gas stations known for providing high-quality fuel. Look for stations that regularly test and maintain their fuel quality to ensure your Bentley receives the best fuel for optimal performance.
  • Cleanliness: Opt for gas stations that prioritize cleanliness. A clean environment reduces the risk of contamination during refueling and reflects the station's commitment to maintaining high standards.
  • Reputation: Consider the reputation of the gas station. Look for reviews and feedback from other Bentley owners or luxury vehicle owners to gauge the station's reliability and customer satisfaction.

Finding gas stations that cater to Bentley owners' needs requires some research and exploration. Here are some tips to help you locate suitable stations:

  • Online Research: Utilize online platforms, forums, and social media groups to connect with other Bentley owners. Seek recommendations for gas stations that provide high-quality fuel and a positive experience for luxury vehicle owners.
  • Manufacturer Resources: Bentley may provide resources or partnerships that recommend specific gas stations for their owners. Check the official Bentley website or consult with your Bentley dealership for any such information.
  • Membership Programs: Explore membership programs, such as luxury vehicle owner associations or clubs, that offer benefits like preferred gas station recommendations or discounts.
  • Refine Your Search: Use smartphone applications or online maps to search for gas stations near you and filter the results based on amenities, fuel quality, or luxury vehicle services.

Ensuring Long-Term Fueling Success

Regular maintenance plays a vital role in the overall performance and longevity of your Bentley's fuel system. It helps prevent potential issues, ensures optimal fuel efficiency, and maintains the health of the engine. By adhering to a maintenance schedule, you can identify and address any fuel-related problems before they escalate.

Guidance on Scheduling Fuel System Inspections and Repairs:

  • Fuel System Inspections: Include fuel system inspections as part of your routine maintenance. This allows a trained technician to assess the fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel pump, and fuel injectors for any signs of wear, leaks, or blockages. Regular inspections can help catch potential problems early and prevent costly repairs down the line.
  • Fuel Filter Replacement: The fuel filter plays a critical role in removing impurities and contaminants from the fuel. Over time, it can become clogged, affecting fuel flow and engine performance. Consult your Bentley owner's manual or service technician for the recommended interval for fuel filter replacement.
  • Fuel System Repairs: If you experience any symptoms of fuel system issues, such as poor fuel efficiency, engine misfires, or difficulty starting, it's important to address them promptly. Schedule a visit to a qualified Bentley service center for diagnostic testing and necessary repairs to ensure the fuel system functions optimally.

Role of Professional Bentley Service Centers:

Professional Bentley service centers are equipped with the expertise, tools, and genuine parts required for comprehensive fuel system care. Here are some advantages of relying on a professional service center for your Bentley's fuel system:

  • Specialized Knowledge: Bentley service technicians undergo rigorous training and possess specialized knowledge of Bentley vehicles, including their fuel systems. They are familiar with the unique requirements and intricacies of Bentley models, ensuring accurate diagnostics and efficient repairs.
  • Genuine Parts: Professional service centers use genuine Bentley parts specifically designed for your vehicle. Genuine parts provide the highest level of quality, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with your Bentley's fuel system.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: Bentley service centers utilize advanced diagnostic equipment and technology to pinpoint fuel system issues accurately. This helps to streamline the repair process, saving you time and ensuring accurate and efficient repairs.
  • Warranty Protection: Servicing your Bentley at an authorized service center helps maintain warranty coverage. It ensures that all maintenance and repairs are performed according to Bentley's standards, providing peace of mind and protection for your investment.
Will A Bentley Get Good Gas Mileage?

It's important to note that Bentley vehicles prioritize performance and luxury over fuel efficiency. These cars typically feature powerful engines, advanced drivetrain systems, and aerodynamic designs that contribute to their exceptional performance on the road. As a result, Bentley models may not achieve the same fuel efficiency as smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles.

While precise gas mileage figures vary depending on the model and driving conditions, Bentley vehicles typically achieve gas mileage in the range of 14–18 miles per gallon (MPG) in combined city and highway driving.

Bentley hybrids have the potential to achieve an impressive gas mileage of up to 22 miles per gallon. These hybrid models combine the power and luxury of Bentley with the added benefit of enhanced fuel efficiency.


Congratulations! You are now equipped with the knowledge and guidance on how to put gas in a Bentley properly. By following the step-by-step guide, fueling tips, and best practices outlined in this comprehensive guide, you can confidently fuel your luxury car while maintaining its performance and longevity.

Remember to always consult your Bentley owner's manual for specific fueling instructions and recommendations. Prioritize high-quality fuel and adhere to proper fueling etiquette. Regular maintenance and timely repairs will keep your Bentley's fuel system in top shape.

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