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Golf Clubs Fit In Audi - Exploring Storage Capacity on Different Models

Editor: J. Goreham | Updated: Saturday, February 17th, 2024

Want to know if your golf clubs fit in an Audi? Find out here! Discover the best ways to store your golf clubs in your Audi car with our easy guide. I'll show you which Audi models have lots of space, give you tips to keep your clubs safe, and suggest other storage ideas.

Audi cars are great for golfers! Whether you've got a big Q5, a smaller Q3, a sporty R8, or a versatile A3, Audi vehicles have the room and flexibility you need to carry your golf clubs securely.

Audi Trunk Space and Dimensions

Audi cars come in different sizes. Some are small, like the A3 sedan, while others, like the Q5 SUV, are bigger. The space in their trunks is different, especially if you're a golfer.

Let's compare the A3 sedan to the Q5 SUV. The A3 has a smaller trunk than the Q5, impacting how you can transport your golf clubs. This is essential information if you're planning to carry your clubs around.

Why does trunk size crucial for golfers? Well, golf clubs are long and might not fit easily in small trunks. Bigger trunks, like the Q5's, give you more room for your clubs. But in a smaller trunk, like the A3's, you might need to arrange things carefully to fit your clubs in safely.

Besides size, the shape of the trunk matters, too. Some Audi cars have trunks with odd shapes or small openings. This can make it hard to fit larger golf bags. Checking the trunk's size can prevent any damage to your clubs.

Another thing to consider is how easy it is to open the trunk. Some Audi models have automatic trunk lids, which make loading and unloading your golf stuff much easier.

To see if your Audi is good for carrying your golf clubs, compare your bag with the trunk space. Also, think about getting extras like foldable seats or organizers to keep your clubs safe and tidy.

Golf Club Dimensions and Audi Trunk Compatibility

Different types of golf clubs like drivers, irons, wedges, and putters vary a bit in size. Most follow common lengths and widths, though.

For example, drivers are usually 43 to 46 inches long, while irons range from 34 to 40 inches. Also, drivers have bigger heads compared to irons and putters.

Checking if your Audi trunk fits your golf clubs matters. Especially if your clubs are customized or not standard sizes.

  • Length Check: Measure from the grip's top to the clubhead's bottom. This helps plan how much space your clubs need in the Audi trunk.
  • Width Check: Club head widths differ, affecting how they fit in the trunk. Knowing this helps arrange them comfortably.

Getting these measurements right protects your clubs while moving them. Also, consider other items like golf bags or gear to ensure everything fits nicely in your Audi trunk when you're traveling.

Audi Models with Spacious Trunks for Golf Clubs

Are you a golf enthusiast looking for an Audi car that can easily fit your golf clubs? I've got you covered with a rundown of Audi models that offer ample trunk space:

1. Audi TT

The Audi TT might surprise you with its compact size and spacious trunk. With up to 12 cubic feet of cargo space, it's perfect for your golf clubs. Loading and unloading are effortless thanks to its wide opening and low lift-over height.

2. Audi A4

A popular choice in the compact luxury sedan category, the Audi A4 has around 13 cubic feet of trunk space. It's designed for easy organization of your golf clubs, featuring a wide opening and a flat load floor.

3. Audi A6

Looking for a roomy sedan? The Audi A6 offers approximately 14 cubic feet of trunk capacity. Its wide opening and square shape make it a breeze to fit multiple sets of clubs or other gear.

4. Audi A5

The Audi A5, available as a coupe, convertible, or sportback, provides about 11 cubic feet of cargo space. It's a stylish option that efficiently accommodates a set of golf clubs.

5. Audi A3

Despite its smaller size, the Audi A3 surprises with about 12 cubic feet of cargo space. It's thoughtfully designed to snugly fit your golf clubs.

6. Audi R8

The R8 models require folding down the rear seats and positioning the clubs at an angle within the cargo hold to fit golf clubs effectively.

7. Audi Q3

Prefer an SUV? The Audi Q3 offers versatility with around 23 cubic feet of cargo space (seats up) and about 48 cubic feet when folded. Perfect for golf clubs and gear, it's a practical choice for golf enthusiasts.

8. Audi Q5

The Audi Q5, a midsize luxury SUV, has approximately 26 cubic feet behind the rear seats, expandable to about 60 cubic feet when folded. Its power liftgate and adjustable cargo floor make it convenient for storing golf clubs.

9. Audi Q7

For abundant space, the Audi Q7 impresses with up to 71.6 cubic feet with the second and third rows folded. Even with all seats up, it offers a respectable 14.8 cubic feet of trunk space.

10. Audi A7

The Audi A7 boasts 24.9 cubic feet of cargo capacity in its spacious trunk. Its sleek design and liftback versatility make loading and unloading golf gear effortless.

Golf Club Storage Tips for Audi Owners

I want to share some easy tips for storing your golf clubs in your Audi. Here's how to keep them safe and neat while you're on the move:

1. Keep Your Clubs Secure

Use a golf club carrier. It helps keep each club separate and safe in your Audi's trunk. You can also try organizers made for your Audi model. These keep your clubs in place during travel. Some Audi trunks even have dividers or nets to stop your clubs from moving around.

2. Protect Your Clubs

Cover your clubs with protective materials like neoprene or nylon. This guards them against scratches and weather. For regular travelers, padded travel bags are great—they protect your clubs from impacts. Consider soft or hard-shell cases for extra safety, although hard ones take up more space.

3. Solve Common Problems

Running out of trunk space? Try folding down the back seats for more room. After a game, if your clubs are wet or dirty, use a waterproof liner to keep your trunk clean. Keep small items like golf balls in containers to prevent them from damaging your clubs.

Alternative Storage Options for Audi Cars

If your trunk's feeling a bit cramped, don't sweat it. I've got some cool ideas to help you out with more space without any fuss.

1. Roof Racks

Roof racks are awesome for giving your Audi extra room. They're like a bonus storage space on top of your car! Here is some essential information for you:


  • Great for carrying big stuff like bikes or kayaks.
  • You'll have more space inside your car.
  • Easy to put on and take off whenever you need.
  • Enhances the style of your Audi.


  • Might use a bit more gas due to wind resistance.
  • Your car will be a bit taller, which can be tricky in some places.
  • Keep an eye on your stuff to make sure it's safe while driving.
  • Some items might need covers to protect them.

2. Rear Seat Storage

Running out of trunk space? No problem! You can use the back seats for storing your things:


  • Maximizes space without any extra gear needed.
  • Easy access to your stuff while you're on the move.
  • Creates a safe storage spot inside your car.
  • Add organizers for better arrangement.


  • Fewer seats for friends or family.
  • Could block your view a little while driving.
  • Watch out for damage to the seats if you're not careful.
  • You might need to secure things well to prevent shifting.

3. Removable Cargo Organizers

These cool organizers fit right into your trunk or back seat, helping you keep everything tidy:


  • Different sections for organized storage.
  • Things won't move around during drives.
  • Some organizers can fold away when not in use.
  • Protects your car from spills or damage.


  • Takes up more space inside your car.
  • Not the best for really big or oddly-shaped items.
  • Make sure to secure it well for a safe drive.
  • Limited room for larger storage needs.

Pick what suits you best. Roof racks are great for big items, while back seat storage is perfect for quick access. Removable organizers? They're for folks who like keeping things neat in a smaller space. Just weigh up the good and not-so-good to find your perfect storage fix for your Audi!

Recommended Accessories for Golf Club Storage in Audi

Improve your Audi's golf club storage with these simple accessories:

  • Golf Club Carriers: Keep your clubs safe in the trunk while driving. They prevent damage by securing the clubs in place.
  • Golf Club Organizers: Store each club separately in slots. This keeps them safe and easy to find.
  • Trunk Dividers or Cargo Nets: Stop your clubs from moving around. Dividers secure them in the trunk, avoiding bumps with other items.
  • Golf Club Covers: Protect your club heads from scratches. These covers act like armor for your clubs.


I'll simplify some useful info about fitting golf clubs into Audi cars. Audi models like the A6, Q5, Q7, and A7 have big trunks, perfect for golf clubs. Smaller ones like the A3 and A4 have less trunk space, but you can use roof racks or rear seat storage instead.

Usually, fitting golf clubs into an Audi is fine. But remember club size and storage space. I suggest using carriers, organizers, trunk dividers, cargo nets, or covers to keep your clubs safe while driving.

In summary, Audis handle golf clubs well. Just focus on good storage to keep them safe during travel. With the right accessories, you can protect your clubs and keep your trunk tidy. So, Do Golf Clubs Fit In Audi? Yes, if you use the right storage solutions and stay careful.

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