Explore the distinctions between 16-inch and 17-inch wheels for a Tacoma. Think about your driving style and needs. Choosing the right wheel size will help your Tacoma perform at its best wherever you go.

16-inch wheels work well if you haul heavy loads or go off-road often. They might give a slight edge in these situations.

But if you mostly drive in the city or on highways, 17-inch wheels might suit you better. They could offer more advantages for that kind of driving.

What Size Wheels are on a Toyota Tacoma?

Choosing the right wheel size for your Toyota Tacoma is pretty important. You’ve got two common options: 16-inch or 17-inch wheels. Usually, 16-inch wheels are on base and off-road models, [1] while 17-inch ones come with fancier trims, making your truck look cooler. [2]

Let’s break it down: Smaller 16-inch wheels give you a smoother ride because they have higher tire sidewalls. These help handle bumps better and are good for off-road driving. But on smooth roads, they might not steer as well.

On the flip side, larger 17-inch wheels look awesome and make driving on paved roads easier. They give your truck a sleek appearance but might not be as comfy because they’ve got lower sidewalls, meaning they don’t absorb bumps as much.

Deciding between them depends on what you want. Consider if you care more about better handling or a cozier ride. Also, think about where you’ll be driving it, bumpy or smooth roads. And hey, don’t forget about style – how your truck looks.

16-Inch vs. 17-Inch Wheels: Pros and Cons

Comparing 16-inch and 17-inch wheels for your Tacoma is more than just picking a size. Let’s get into it!

16-Inch Wheels:

Good for:

  • Bumpy Roads: Smooth ride on rough terrains.
  • Off-road Fun: Great traction for adventures.
  • Comfort: Nice for bumpy rides.

Not so good for:

  • Paved Roads: Might not handle as well on smooth roads.
  • Fuel Usage: Slightly less efficient due to size.
  • Tire Choices: Not as many options compared to bigger sizes.

17-Inch Wheels:

Good for:

  • Looks: Makes your Tacoma look stylish.
  • On-road Driving: Handles well on smooth roads.
  • Sharp Turns: Great for city driving.

Not so good for:

  • Rough Roads: Not as comfy on uneven surfaces.
  • Off-road Toughness: Can get damaged more easily.
  • Tire Options: Limited choices like the 16-inch.

Think about tire compatibility with your chosen wheel size and fuel efficiency with larger wheels.

If you love off-road trips, the 16-inch wheels might suit you. But if you drive mostly on paved roads, the 17-inch might be a better fit.

Your decision should match your needs and driving style. It’s about finding the right balance between wheel performance and what you value most.

Tacoma Wheel Size Comparison

Bigger wheels mean more control on smooth roads, improving how your Tacoma handles. But they might make the ride a bit firmer. Smaller wheels with taller sides give a cozier ride, especially on bumpy roads.

Check your suspension system. Bigger wheels might need changes to fit without rubbing. Smaller ones usually fit well without any tweaks. Make sure your wheel size matches your suspension to stay safe.

Remember, bigger wheels might stress your Tacoma’s parts. It’s wise to upgrade them for longer durability.

Choose based on how you drive. Bigger wheels give better performance and a sportier feel. Smaller ones focus on comfort and off-road trips. Pick what suits your needs for the best ride!

Choosing the Right Wheel Diameter for Your Tacoma

Each Tacoma model is a bit different. Depending on the type you have, the space for your wheels and how the truck’s suspension works can vary. That affects how big your wheels can be without needing changes.

Think about how you use your truck. If you’re into off-roading or carrying heavy stuff, smaller wheels with taller sides might be better. They handle bumpy roads well and give more grip. But if you mostly drive in the city or on highways, bigger wheels can make your truck handle better and look cool.

What you like is important! Some folks like the tough look of big wheels, while others prefer the comfy ride of smaller ones.

Here’s how to pick smart:

  • Check Compatibility: Find out which wheel sizes fit your Tacoma without extra work.
  • Think About Use: Small wheels for rough roads, big ones for city driving.
  • Your Style: Decide if you want a cool look or a smooth ride.
  • Ask Experts: Talk to tire or truck pros who can help with your needs.

Upgrading Tacoma Wheels: Performance and Aesthetics

Upgrading your Tacoma’s wheels makes a big difference in how it performs and looks. The important thing to think about is the size of the wheels. It affects how fast your truck can speed up, brake, and handle turns.

  • Performance Boost: The size of your Tacoma’s wheels affects how it performs. Bigger wheels with smaller tires help your truck speed up faster and stop more effectively.
  • Handling Improvement: When you install larger wheels, your Tacoma doesn’t have to work as hard, making it perform better. Wider tires also help with braking and taking turns more smoothly.
  • Aesthetic Options: Changing your Tacoma’s wheels gives you lots of options for how your truck will look. You can make it look modern or rugged, whichever you prefer.
  • Customization Possibilities: Besides changing the look, you can add special touches like colored accents or unique caps for your wheels. These extras can make your Tacoma really stand out.
  • Comprehensive Customization: Changing the wheels also opens up other changes you can make outside your truck. You can add bigger flares or adjust the suspension for a tougher look that goes well with the new wheels.
  • Improved Appearance: Upgrading wheels can also be a gateway to enhancing other parts of your truck’s appearance, like making it look tougher or cooler.

Tacoma Wheel Size Recommendations

Picking the right wheel size for your Tacoma is important. The maker’s suggestions help keep your truck safe and working well. They think about things like the suspension and how you use the truck.

To find the best wheel size, think about your driving style and where you go. If you go off-road a lot, smaller wheels with taller sides are better. They’re bouncy and give good grip.

For city driving, bigger wheels work well. They help with handling and make your truck look cool.

Here’s a quick guide based on how you use your truck:

  • Off-road fans: 16-inch wheels with taller sides for better grip.
  • City drivers: 17-inch wheels for better handling.
  • Want both? Try 18-inch wheels for a mix.
  • Style lovers: Go for 20-inch wheels for a bold look.

Keep in mind, these these suggestions are general. Always check with the maker and experts to make sure your wheels fit right and keep you safe.

What Are The Biggest Tires You Can Put On A Stock Tacoma?

Looking to upgrade your stock Tacoma’s tires? Want to know the biggest size you can put on without changing anything? Let’s check out the 2023 Tacoma’s original tire sizes and find the largest ones that fit the stock specs.

The 2023 Tacoma has different stock tire sizes:

  • 245/75/R16 – These tires are 30.5 inches in diameter, 9.6 inches wide, and have a 7.2-inch sidewall. They fit a 16-inch wheel and work best with a wheel offset between 23 to 27 mm.
  • 265/70/R16 – Similar to the first size, these are 30.6 inches in diameter, 10.4 inches wide, and have a 7.3-inch sidewall. They also fit a 16-inch wheel with the same wheel offset.
  • 265/65/R17 – These tires share the diameter and width with the previous size, but have a slightly lower 6.8-inch sidewall. They’re for a 17-inch wheel and need a wheel offset between 28 to 32 mm.
  • 265/60/R18 – These tires are 30.5 inches in diameter, 10.4 inches wide, and have a 6.3-inch sidewall. They’re for an 18-inch wheel and require the same wheel offset as the 17-inch variant.

Sticking to the stock specs, the biggest tires for your stock Tacoma are the ones matching these original sizes. But if you’re thinking about going bigger, talk to tire or car experts. They can advise on any changes, like lift kits or trimming, to safely fit larger tires.


After looking at wheel size suggestions and talking about things like your car type, how you use it, and what you like, I’ve got the basics covered. Before you decide, it’s smart to think about where you drive, your style, and what you need.

My top tip? Find a good mix of performance, comfy rides, and style. That mix can make driving way better, matching your Tacoma just right. Picking the right wheel size matters—it’s all about making your drive better, tailored to what your car needs. It’s about enjoying your time on the road while making sure your ride fits you perfectly.