Looking for the most affordable big SUVs? Finding ones that fit your budget and are still good can be hard.

So, what are the cheapest full-size SUVs? In this guide, I’ll help you find low-cost options that don’t sacrifice quality. It’s all about getting the best value for your money.

Stick with me to explore different budget-friendly choices. Together, we’ll discover the best full-size SUVs that won’t cost you a fortune.

What Is a Full-Size SUV?

Full-size SUVs are huge, strong vehicles with lots of space and power. They carry many people and lots of stuff easily. Tough and powerful, they’re great for pulling heavy things and handling tough roads.

These SUVs come with cool stuff like all-wheel drive, high ground clearance, and special towing gear. They look really impressive too, being tall and tough-looking. So, if you need a car that can take lots of people, tons of stuff, and go anywhere confidently, a big SUV could be just what you need.

Benefits Of Owning A Full-Size SUV

Having a full-size SUV is awesome for lots of reasons! First up, they’ve got loads of space inside, great for big families or when you’ve got loads of stuff to haul. It’s like having your own moving clubhouse!

You sit up high in them, so you get a great view of everything around you. It’s like having your own sky seat! Safety-wise, these SUVs are top-notch. They come with smart tech to help you drive and have really good safety scores.

They’ve also got powerful engines, which means you can tow heavy stuff like trailers or boats without a hitch. Sometimes they can cost a bit more, but with a bit of research, you can find one that fits your budget without sacrificing space, towing power, or safety features. That way, you get all the cool stuff without spending too much!

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Full-Size SUVs

The price of full-size SUVs can change a lot based on a few important things. The brand and model play a major role. Big names with a good history tend to cost more because people trust them. Luxury and how well it’s made also impact the price.

Then there’s size and what’s under the hood. Bigger SUVs with powerful engines cost more than smaller ones. Fancy tech, safety features, and cool stuff inside also hike up the price.

Also, the more features you add—like high-tech safety gear, cool sound systems, or fancy materials—the higher the price goes.

Researching the Cheapest Full-Size SUVs

By following these easy steps, you’ll soon find the best full-size SUV that suits both your needs and your budget.

  • Set your budget: Decide on the maximum you’re willing to spend. This helps narrow down your options to fit your pocket.
  • Explore brands and models: Look for brands known for affordable SUVs. Compare what they offer in features, reliability, and prices.
  • Consider used options: Used SUVs often come at a lower price. Check out reliable sellers or certified used car programs.
  • Hunt for discounts: Keep an eye out for manufacturer deals or special offers to save some cash.
  • Visit different dealerships: Take a trip to a few places, compare prices, and don’t be shy to negotiate based on your research.
  • Test drive and check: Before buying, make sure the SUV meets your standards by taking it for a spin and giving it a thorough check.

Top 10 Cheapest Full-Size SUVs

These SUVs are fantastic if you want a lot but have a budget. Whether you need space, performance, or tech, these SUVs make it easy to find your best full-size SUV match.

1. Nissan Armada: $50,400 MSRP

Nissan’s Armada is a solid choice on a budget. It’s got tons of space, a strong V8 engine, and can haul a lot. But keep in mind, it’s not the best on gas and might not have the fanciest interior.

2. Ford Expedition: $54,155 MSRP

The Ford Expedition packs in the features without breaking the bank. It’s super comfy, has lots of room for stuff, and comes with great safety features. However, it might cost a bit more to own, and some peoples find it inside a bit average.

3. Chevy Tahoe: $54,200 MSRP

Chevy’s Tahoe is a popular pick for good reasons—it’s affordable and versatile. You’ll like the big cabin and easy-to-use tech. But remember, the third-row seats might not be the coziest, and owning one might cost a bit more.

4. Chevy Suburban: $56,900 MSRP

Similar to the Tahoe, the Suburban gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Loads of space, powerful engines, and all the tech you need. But it’s pretty big, which can be tricky in tight spots, and it’s pricier than some others.

5. GMC Yukon: $57,400 MSRP

The GMC Yukon is fancy and performs well. Luxurious inside, cool safety features, and a smooth ride. Just remember, it’s pricier upfront and might not save much on gas.

6. Toyota Sequoia: $58,365

The Toyota Sequoia is reliable with a strong engine. It’s roomy but looks a bit old inside and lacks cargo space.

7. Jeep Wagoneer: $58,995

Jeep’s Wagoneer is luxury mixed with power. Inside, it’s fancy and good off-road. But it’s pricier and not so fuel-efficient.

8. GMC Yukon XL: $60,100

Need space and towing? The GMC Yukon XL has lots of it! But it’s big and not easy to park in tight spots.

9. Ford Expedition Max: $62,190

For even more room, there’s the Ford Expedition Max. It’s spacious with comfy seats. But it costs more and uses more gas.

10. BMW X7: $77,850

Fancier and expensive, BMW’s X7 has a posh interior and cool tech. But it’s pricier to own and fix.

Tips for Saving Money on Full-Size SUV Purchases

Using these tips – like negotiating, looking at used cars, and keeping an eye on offers – can help you buy the full-size SUV you want.

1. Get a Better Price

When buying a big SUV, being a good negotiator can help you save money. Here’s what you can do:

  • Do Your Research: Look at prices from different sellers before going to a dealership. It gives you an idea of what’s a fair price.
  • Be Ready to Look Elsewhere: If the seller won’t agree on a price, don’t be afraid to check out other places. Sometimes, they might change their offer.
  • Check for Sales: Keep an eye out for sales during holidays or when new models are released. Sellers might offer better deals to clear out their old stock.
2. Consider Used or Certified Pre-Owned SUVs

To save money, think about buying a used or certified pre-owned SUV. Here’s why it can be a good idea:

  • They’re Cheaper: Used cars cost less than new ones. Certified pre-owned cars are checked and come with extra guarantees.
  • Less Depreciation: New cars lose their value quickly, but used ones don’t drop as much. You might get more value for your money.
  • Do Your Checks: Make sure to look at the SUV’s history and have a mechanic check it before buying.
3. Find Discounts and Special Offers

To save even more money, keep an eye out for these:

  • Manufacturer Deals: Check the carmaker’s website for cashback or special offers that can lower the SUV’s cost.
  • Local Deals: Dealers sometimes offer discounts or free things. Look on their websites or ask them directly.
  • Membership Perks: Some groups offer discounts with certain dealerships. Check if you’re a member and if it can help you get a better deal.