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Topgolf Franchise Cost: The Advantages and 6 Tips to Open It

Editor: J. Streaks | Updated: Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

Want to join the fun in sports and entertainment? Topgolf franchise offers chances to start your own spot in this industry. Though the fee and start-up costs are high, they give lots of help and training.

Topgolf mixes golf, socializing, and cool tech, making it a popular entertainment. Lots of people, from casual players to big golf fans, like what Topgolf offers.

Now, many peoples think about having their own Topgolf franchise. They see a big chance to succeed in this growing market. But if you're thinking about investing, you might wonder how much does it cost, and what's the salary for a Topgolf franchise owner?

Why Open A Topgolf Franchise?

Considering why opening a Topgolf franchise is an exciting business move becomes clearer when we explore its unique features.

  • Focus on Fun Time: Topgolf is not your usual golf spot; it's all about having a great time. You don't need to be a pro at golf; it's more about relaxing and enjoying yourself. What's special about Topgolf is the lively atmosphere, tasty food, yummy drinks, and awesome music. Plus, their fantastic Caddies take care of your food and drinks while you focus on playing. And guess what? Everyone, including kids, can join in on the fun!
  • Cool Tech with Smart Microchipped Balls: At Topgolf, they use these cool balls with chips inside that give you feedback right away. Families can pick clubs and targets based on their skill level. There are screens showing how well you did with each shot, making the game super fun for everyone.
  • Easy Membership: With membership cards, you can buy game credits and keep track of your scores easily. This makes playing at any Topgolf place across the country a piece of cake while keeping a record of your games.
  • Optimized Inventory with Right Amount of Gear: Unlike regular golf places, Topgolf has just what you need for a great time without extra stuff lying around. They keep just enough and quickly get more when needed. Your Topgolf spot has everything from clubs and balls to clothes and cool gifts.
  • Controlled Environment with Indoor Playing: At Topgolf, you don't have to worry about bad weather ruining your game. They've got indoor areas where you can play any time, any day, no matter what's happening outside.
  • Best Chill Out Spot: Topgolf is not just about golf; it's about hanging out with friends. You can relax in comfy lounges and play different games without any fancy rules or pressure.

What Can You Do At Topgolf?

Discover the fun of Topgolf—a place that mixes golf and cool technology for an amazing time! Imagine a place that feels like a super fun bowling alley with a twist of golf.

You can throw awesome birthday parties or have work events at Topgolf. It's also perfect for a romantic night out.

And here's something great: kids are welcome too! They've got special stuff for young players to have a blast with golf.

Get your friends or make a team—each group can have six players. Don't worry about gear; they've got clubs for you, or bring your own. Each swing is tracked so you can see how good you're doing on the screens. It's perfect for some friendly competition!

Hungry or thirsty? Someone will bring food and drinks right to your spot. And after playing, the fun doesn't stop! There are restaurants, bars, TVs, music, and chances to meet new people. It's more than just playing golf!

Advantages Of Starting A Topgolf Franchise

Topgolf startup brings lots of good things that can make your business succeed. A Topgolf franchise gives you a famous name, help with money, connections with suppliers, good training, and saves you money in different ways.

  • Brand Name: "Topgolf" is a well-known name, so you don't have to work hard to make people know about it.
  • Money Help: It's easier to get money when you're part of Topgolf. Making a plan for your business is also easier.
  • Supplier Connections: Being part of Topgolf means you can use established supplier networks right away. This helps a lot from day one.
  • Good Training: The company helps everyone in your team, including you, to learn all the skills needed for the job. And guess what? It doesn't cost extra money—it's included in the Topgolf franchise package.
  • Saving Money: Choosing a franchise is cheaper. You'll learn about equipment, inventory, and good ways to tell people about your business from the start. This means you'll start making more money earlier compared to starting your own business.

How Much Does It Cost To Franchise A Topgolf?

The typical starting cost for a Topgolf franchise is approximately $18 million. [1] This covers basics like property, gear, licenses, uniforms, and insurance.

But in some places, the Topgolf franchise startup cost might spike to over $50 million. [2] Why the gap? It depends on where you plan to open. That's how prices vary. So, if owning a Topgolf spot is your dream, be ready to plan your cash carefully!

Topgolf Franchise Cost By Country

Starting a Topgolf franchise in different countries means a lot for entrepreneurs. Let's check out the costs:

  • In the United States, setting up a Topgolf restaurant costs between $15 to $50 million.
  • In Mexico, it's around MXN 309 - MXN 1,029 million.
  • Heading to the United Kingdom, the investment is about £11.15 to £37.17 million.
  • Down in Australia, it ranges from AUD 20.44 to AUD 68.12 million.
  • Moving to the Middle East, in the United Arab Emirates, it's AED 55.09 - 183.65 million.
  • In India, it's between Rs 111.56 to Rs 371.87 crores.
  • In Germany, it's approximately EUR 13.19 to EUR 43.98 million.

These numbers give an idea of how much money someone needs to start a Topgolf franchise in these different countries.

Topgolf Swing Suite Franchise Cost

The Topgolf Swing Suite is a smaller and more affordable version of the regular Topgolf franchise. If you're thinking of owning a Topgolf spot but worried about the costs, the Swing Suite might be for you. It's much cheaper to start—between $250,000 to $500,000. [3] That means you can become part of Topgolf without needing loads of initial investment.

Instead of the big Topgolf setup, the Swing Suite offers mini-games and a smaller space. It's great for people dreaming of being part of Topgolf but without the cash for a bigger setup.

Topgolf Franchise Owner Salary

A Topgolf franchise owner's potential salary relies on a few things: where your franchise is, how big it is, and how well you manage money and make profits. Based on what I've found, the average yearly pay for a Topgolf franchise owner is about $100,000. [4] But this can change a lot based on how well your franchise does and how good you are at managing costs and making money.

Things like how people in the area like your place and how you control spending really affect how much money you can make. To make good money with a Topgolf franchise, you gotta adapt to what people want, run things right, and be really good at handling money.

Is Topgolf Profitable?

Learning about Topgolf's success story is fascinating! Back in 2000, near London, UK, Topgolf changed how golf clubs worked, making it a fun family activity rather than just for pros.

Each Topgolf spot in the US costs about $18 million to build but pays for itself in about two years. There are already 30 spots in the US, and Topgolf is growing around the world really quickly.

In 2019, more people visited Topgolf than professional football games! Can you believe they hit over a billion golf balls that year? That brought in a huge $1.1 billion in money. And it's been growing by 30% every year since 2017!

A major thing happened in April 2021 when Topgolf and Callaway joined forces, making a big company for golf and fun. Topgolf makes a lot of money from memberships and all the fun things they offer.

How Much Does Guest Services Pay At Topgolf?

At Topgolf, the cost for Guest Services can differ based on where and when you visit. In Buford, Georgia, the fees range from $27 to $49 per hour for each Bay. If you're a junior member, you might get discounts!

The cost for renting a Bay stays fixed no matter how many people play, but they only allow up to six players per Bay. When you become a player, you also become a member by getting a $5 membership card. This card helps track your games and purchases.

For this small fee, you get access to a bunch of cool stuff! There are 200+ high-definition TVs, a rooftop terrace, over 70 climate-controlled hitting bays, great restaurants and bars, free WiFi, and private event spaces and meeting rooms.

6 Tips To Open A Topgolf Franchise

Owning a Topgolf franchise involves important steps that need careful planning and financial readiness. Here's an easy roadmap to guide you through the process:

  • Get Enough Money: You need a lot of money, around $18 million, to start a Topgolf sports and entertainment bar franchise. Make sure you have this kind of cash.
  • Understand the Costs: Running a Topgolf franchise costs more than just opening the doors. You'll need money for things like the place itself, equipment, signs, licenses, uniforms, and insurance.
  • Know Yourself: Are you good at running a business? Think about what you're good at to see if you're ready to own a Topgolf franchise.
  • Check the Market: Before you start, check if Topgolf franchises are available where you want to open one. You want to make sure the place you choose matches what you're looking for.
  • Apply: Fill out and send your franchise application to the Topgolf team. They'll get back to you with details once they get your application.
  • Wait for Approval: They'll check your money and background. If you're good to go, they'll say yes, and you can start your own franchise.

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