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Mazda Extended Warranty Cost: The Key Insights You Need To Know

Editor: Mac Aaron | Updated: Tuesday, February 13th, 2024

Mazda cars are known for lasting a long time, but their warranty only lasts three years. This makes me think about getting an extended warranty to cover possible future repairs.

Even though Mazda doesn't have set prices for extended warranties, the cost can change a lot based on different things.

I'm here to explain how much Mazda's extended warranties might cost. By looking at what affects the price and the good things about it, it can help you decide.

Let's look into it and find out what things make the cost of Mazda's extended warranties go up or down.

What Is Mazda’s Extended Warranty?

Mazda offers something called an extended warranty, which is like a special service contract for your car. Unlike other car brands, Mazda is really clear about this. They say it's a service contract, which makes it simple to understand.

This agreement, known as the Mazda Protection Products (MPP) Vehicle Service Agreement (VSA), [1] gives you extra coverage if something goes wrong with your car. If there's a problem covered by the agreement, Mazda's trained technicians will use original parts to fix it. Other warranties might send you to different places or use different parts, but with Mazda, it's less of a hassle.

One neat thing about Mazda's VSA is that it can be transferred to a new owner one time. This adds value when you sell your car and gives the new owner peace of mind.

There are three levels to Mazda's VSA: Powertrain, Gold, and Platinum.

The Powertrain level covers the basics like the engine and driveline. Gold covers things that make your ride comfortable, like air conditioning and power windows. The top-tier, Platinum, covers almost everything except a few maintenance items. This means it protects costly parts like cameras, screens, and speakers.

How Much Does Mazda Extended Warranty Cost?

The states that the Mazda extended warranty for either six years or up to 100,000 miles provides customers with two options: one with a $0 deductible costs $3,750, and the other with a $100 deductible is $3,350. [2]

Remember, this site doesn't give specific details about your car or the exact plan mentioned. So, these prices are more like estimates, not exact figures.

If you want more info on Mazda's warranty options, reach out to a local dealer for a personalized quote.

The cost of your Mazda extended warranty varies according to the coverage you choose. Getting a service contract from the car company might make your monthly car expenses higher and narrow down your choices for repairs.

The cost changes based on how long it lasts and what it covers, with deductibles of $0 or $100, but it doesn't cover regular maintenance or wear-and-tear parts.

You can transfer either plan, and they both offer 24/7 roadside assistance. Just remember, you'll need to visit a Mazda dealership for repairs, where they use trained technicians and genuine parts.

Mazda Extended Warranty Coverages and Plans

Discover Mazda's warranty options! There are three: Platinum, Gold, and Powertrain. They last up to 10 years or 125,000 miles, offering various coverage levels from top-notch factory protection to simpler options. [3]

You can buy a Mazda extended warranty before your 3-year/36,000-mile factory warranty ends. For used cars, you can get plans beyond this, but only when you buy the vehicle. Mazda also has plans for certified pre-owned and leased cars, depending on their age and specifics.

Let me explain what each of these three plans covers.

Drive axle
Hybrid components
Fuel system
Cooling system
Climate control
Exclusionary coverage

1. Mazda Platinum VSA

This plan is like a super comprehensive warranty. It covers almost all mechanical problems, except for a few specific parts. It's the top choice if you want really good coverage. It takes care of things like belts, hoses, and bulbs, but it won't cover interior cloth, glass, sheet metal, or damage from misuse or accidents.

2. Mazda Gold VSA

The Gold plan is all about the big stuff in your car—things like steering, brakes, air conditioning, suspension, and electrical parts. It’s like a list of specific things it covers and doesn’t cover anything beyond that.

3. Mazda Powertrain VSA

This plan targets the main engine parts, transmission, drive axle, and hybrid drive components. These parts can be expensive to fix, especially as your car gets older. So, this plan could help you save money if any of these parts break down.

Mazda Extended Warranty Exclusions

When your car has issues, it’s good to know what Mazda won’t help with. Here's what’s not included:

  • Regular Stuff: Like wiper blades, brake pads, and fluids.
  • Parts That Get Used a Lot: Think tops of convertibles and seat fabrics.
  • Fancy Lights: Such as taillights and headlights using LEDs.
  • Damage from Accidents: If your car gets banged up.
  • Mods Gone Wrong: Any damage from add-ons not approved.
  • Racing or Driving Hard: Doing this might cancel your warranty.

These rules can also extend past the new-car warranty. Racing could even cancel the whole warranty.

Is Mazda Extended Warranty Worth It?

Here's the deal: It might be a good idea if:

  • Your car isn't very reliable.
  • Surprise repair costs stress you out, but you can plan for warranty payments.
  • The warranty costs less than expected repair bills.
  • You're fine paying for extra peace of mind, even if you never use it.

Good news—Mazdas are pretty reliable! J.D. Power ranked them 13th among 32 carmakers for reliability. Consumer Reports put Mazda fourth among 24 brands, just after Toyota, Lexus, and BMW.

And here's more good news: Mazdas don't need lots of repairs. When they do, the costs are quite reasonable. According to RepairPal, yearly maintenance and repair costs for Mazdas average around $462—way less than the $652 industry average.

So, here's the bottom line: Mazdas don't often need fixing, and when they do, it won't cost you a fortune.

Many Mazda owners love their cars but aren't thrilled with the dealership experience.

Here's the thing: If you go for a Mazda Protection Plan (MPP) VSA, stick to a dealer you trust. They'll handle the warranty work and might reduce your deductible. [4]

Now, here's the real question: Is the warranty worth it when both warranty and repair costs are lower than average? Do you take a chance paying for repairs yourself and maybe save money? Or do you prefer knowing your warranty likely covers repairs, giving you peace of mind? It's your call!

Third-Party Mazda Car Extended Warranty

Opting for a third-party warranty can be a good choice if you're not keen on buying directly from Mazda. These warranties offer more flexibility since you don't have to get them right away when purchasing your car.

The cool thing about third-party warranties is they often cover more than dealership warranties. For instance, CARCHEX covers up to 200,000 miles, which is pretty impressive.

Unlike dealership warranties that require certified Mazda mechanics for service, third-party warranties let you choose where to service and repair your car.

But, there's a catch. These third-party warranties usually cost more. Companies like Endurance have different plans, each with its own price. On average, they're around $25 to $90 a month, covering about five years and can range from $1,500 to over $5,000.

Choosing between a Mazda dealership warranty or a third-party one means you need to think about what you'll get, how much you'll pay, and what it covers, so you can make the best choice for you.

If you like sticking with the dealer and want genuine Mazda parts, the Mazda extended warranty could be great. But, remember, it ends after 100,000 miles, which might not be enough for some people.

For more options and prices, check out companies like Endurance, ForeverCar, Olive, CarShield, and CARCHEX. They're known for good coverage and service.

Get quotes from a few providers, compare, and make a smart choice. A good warranty can keep your Mazda safe from surprise repair costs. So, take your time and pick what suits your needs and budget best.

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