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Average Cost of a Steel Building: Get Ahead on Your Project

Wayne Hampton | Last updated Friday, July 21st, 2023

If you've ever dreamt of building a sturdy, reliable, and cost-effective structure, then steel buildings might be the answer you've been looking for! Steel structures have been gaining popularity due to their versatility, durability, and eco-friendly features. But the burning question on everyone's mind is, "How much does a steel building cost?"

The average price for a steel building ranges from $15 to $25 per square foot, making it a budget-friendly option for construction projects. However, additional fittings and finishings may add around $20 to $80 per square foot, especially if the steel building is intended for residential purposes.

For those on a tighter budget, the most economical option is a 'lean-to' steel building, starting at approximately $5.42 per square foot. These cost variations make steel buildings an attractive choice for a wide range of applications.

In this article, we will delve deep into the world of steel construction to provide you with valuable insights and guidance on understanding the pricing behind these impressive structures. Whether you're considering a steel building for commercial, industrial, or residential purposes, we've got you covered!

How Much Does a Steel Building Cost?

For anyone embarking on a steel building project, understanding the expenses involved is crucial. However, obtaining accurate steel building prices can be a challenge, as many companies withhold these costs until a site visit is conducted.

Studies reported by reveal an interesting trend - nearly half of the nation's non-residential low-rise buildings are now constructed using metal building systems. This surge in popularity is attributed to the numerous benefits that steel buildings offer, including durability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

Speaking of costs, the average price of a steel building typically falls within the range of $15 to $25 per square foot. It's important to note that this estimate mainly covers the essential structure. If you plan to transform your steel building into a livable space or functional office, additional expenses must be factored in.

To convert your steel structure into a habitable space, fittings and finishings will add an extra $20 to $80 per square foot. This includes both the necessary materials and labor costs required for construction. Keep in mind that the final expenses will be influenced by the level of customization you desire.

For those seeking the most economical option, the 'lean-to' steel building stands out as a cost-effective choice. Starting at a mere $5.42 per square foot, this basic structure is a popular option for various applications.

Steel Building Costs by Scale

When considering the cost of steel buildings, it's essential to understand the breakdown of expenses based on different types of constructions. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions that align with your budget and specific needs.

1. Basic Pre-engineered Steel Building

Basic pre-engineered steel buildings provide a cost-effective option for those seeking simplicity and minimal customization.

The price range for these structures typically falls between $5,000 and $25,000. Their affordability makes them popular choices for various purposes, from storage sheds to small workshops.

2. Customizable Steel Building

If you require more design flexibility and a building tailored to your specific requirements, a customizable steel building is the way to go.

Though they may demand a slightly higher investment, ranging from $20,000 to $70,000, the ability to create a space that perfectly suits your needs is well worth it. These buildings are often chosen for agricultural use, commercial establishments, and even some residential applications.

3. Large-scale Commercial Steel Building

For commercial or industrial purposes, large-scale steel buildings are a top-notch option. These structures are designed to accommodate expansive spaces, providing ample room for various operations and activities.

Naturally, their size and complexity result in a higher cost, with price ranges starting from $50,000 and reaching upwards of $200,000 or more, depending on specific requirements and additional features.

4. Luxury Residential Steel Building

At the epitome of elegance and sophistication, luxury residential steel buildings boast high-end amenities and custom features.

Their price range reflects the premium experience they offer, typically ranging from $100,000 to $500,000 or beyond. These magnificent structures cater to the discerning homeowner who seeks both durability and exquisite living spaces.

Steel Building Costs Per Square Foot

Steel buildings offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for various construction projects. One of the primary ways to assess steel building costs is by considering the price per square foot. Here are some examples of metal building kits and their corresponding costs per square foot:

1. Quonset Hut: $12 per SQFT

Quonset Huts are prefabricated, arched steel buildings that are easy to assemble and provide excellent durability. With an average cost of $12 per square foot, they offer a cost-effective option for various applications, from storage sheds to workshops.

2. I-Beam: $17 per SQFT

I-Beam steel buildings are known for their versatility and strength. They have a more traditional look and can be used for commercial, industrial, or residential purposes. At an average cost of $17 per square foot, I-Beam structures offer a durable and reliable solution.

3. C-Channel: $18 per SQFT

C-Channel steel buildings are popular for their cost-effectiveness and simplicity. They are often used for agricultural and storage purposes. With an average cost of $18 per square foot, C-Channel buildings are a budget-friendly option for various projects.

4. Modular: $60 per SQFT

Modular steel buildings are highly customizable and suitable for various applications, such as offices, schools, or residential homes. While they offer greater design flexibility and convenience, the average cost is higher at $60 per square foot.

Steel StructureAverage Cost per SQFT
Quonset Hut$12 per SQFT
I-Beam$17 per SQFT
C-Channel$18 per SQFT
Modular$60 per SQFT

Cost of Steel Buildings by Type

the type of structure you choose can impact the overall cost. Each frame type offers unique features and benefits, catering to different requirements and applications. Here are some popular types of steel building frames and their respective costs:

1. Tube Frame

Tube frame steel structures feature a basic design with a single beam bent at the top, meeting another beam to form an arch. These buildings often lack walls and are ideal for carports due to their affordability and ease of construction.

For instance, a 20 x 80 (1600m2) tube frame steel building could cost approximately $8,680.

2. Arched Buildings

Arched frame buildings, like the renowned Quonset huts, have a semi-circular or arched entrance shape. They offer a cost-effective solution and provide a spacious, open area suitable for various purposes, from farm storage to garage use. Discover the marvel of an arched steel building, spanning 20 x 80 (1600m2), at an approximate price of $19,200.

3. Single-Span Frames

Single-span or clear span frames consist of single roof beams with supporting wall beams on either side, commonly known as trusses. These structures offer easy insulation, fast assembly times, and a clear, open internal space.

Discover the wonders of a 20 x 80 (1600m2) single-span steel building, a true marvel of architecture. With a price tag of approximately $27,200, this structure offers exceptional value for money.

4. Multi-Span Frames

Multi-span frames incorporate extra beams running from the roof to the floor, allowing for increased width expansion. While single-span frames are generally more cost-effective, multi-span frames are advantageous for wider buildings due to the reduced use of heavy steel.

Imagine a 40 x 40 (1600m2) multi-span steel building, which comes with a budget-friendly price of around $32,000. It's an economical choice for workshops, storage spaces, or small businesses. Understanding construction costs can be beneficial for your project.

Steel Building Costs by Usage

Steel buildings offer a wide array of options for various purposes, from simple lean-to structures to spacious recreational buildings. Understanding the factors that influence steel building costs allows you to make informed decisions when planning your construction project. Here they are:

1. Lean-to Steel Buildings

"Lean-to" steel buildings are a popular choice for those seeking additional space without breaking the bank. The cost of these structures can range from $5.52 per square foot onwards, taking into account factors such as size, frame type, and roof style. Their affordability makes them a practical solution for various needs.

Lean-toSize (SQFT)Price $ / SQFT
Lean-to frame only15×20 (300)$1,626$5.42
Lean-to 3 sided frame only15×20 (300)$1,559$5.20
Lean-to with roof15×20 (300)$1,936$6.45
Lean-to 3 sided with roof15×20 (300)$3,535$11.78
Lean-to 2 sided with roof15×20 (300)$2,683$8.94

2. Carports

For protecting your vehicles from the elements, metal carports offer an economical option.

With prices starting at $5.95 per square foot, factors like the number of cars you wish to shelter, wall material, and roof options will play a role in determining the final cost. Carports provide essential coverage at a reasonable expense.

CarportSize (SQFT)Price$ / SQFT
Carport 2 sided with roof12×20 (240)$1,427$5.95
Carport 2 sided with roof20×20 (400)$3,557$8.89
Carport 3 sided with roof12×20 (240)$3,633$15.14
Carport 3 sided with roof20×20 (400)$4,992$12.48
Carport 3 sided with roof24×20 (480)$5,578$11.62

3. Metal Garage Kits

Metal garages are a popular choice for homeowners seeking secure storage and workspace solutions. The cost of metal garage kits typically starts from $11.50 per square foot.

Larger garages with more windows and doors tend to be pricier, but they offer added functionality and space for various activities.

Metal GarageSize (SQFT)Price$ / SQFT
Regular roof12×21 (252)$2,900$11.50
Boxed eave12×21 (252)$3,100$12.30
Vertical roof12×21 (252)$3,300$13.01

4. Metal Aircraft Buildings

For aviation enthusiasts or professionals, metal aircraft buildings offer a reliable and cost-effective solution.

The cost starts at $6.50 per square foot, but it's essential to be aware that the final price will be influenced by factors such as the number of planes you plan to accommodate and the specific location of your site. Such structures provide essential protection for your valuable aircraft.

Aircraft BuildingSize (FT)Price$ / SQFT
Arch frame100×100 (10,000)$78,100$7.81
Arch frame100×200 (20,000)$87,400$4.37
Rigid frame100×100 (10,000)$75,000$7.50
Rigid frame100×200 (20,000)$130,000$6.50

5. Recreational Steel Buildings

Whether you need extra space for recreational activities or a dedicated space for hobbies, steel buildings are a versatile option.

The cost of recreational steel buildings typically starts from $5 per square foot, varying based on the building's purpose and size. They provide a customizable space to fit your specific requirements.

Recreational Steel BuildingSize (FT)Price$ / SQFT
Closed-end wall80×120 (9600)$62,400$6.50
Closed-end wall120×160 (19200)$105,600$5.50
Closed-end wall120×220 (26400)$132,000$5

6. Steel I-beam Structures

Steel I-beam structures, priced at approximately $7 per square foot, provide exceptional strength and support due to their robust vertical column design. They outperform tube frames in terms of structural integrity and durability.

I-beam StructureSize (FT)Price$ / SQFT
Regular Roof12×21 (252)$2,955$11.72
Boxed Eave12×21 (252)$3,055$12.12
Vertical Roof12×21(252)$3,255$12.92
Regular Roof18×36 (648)$4,410$6.81
Boxed Eave18×36 (648)$4,885$7.53
Vertical Roof18×36 (648)$5,235$8.08
Regular Roof24×36 (864)$6,050$7
Boxed Eave24×36 (864)$6,575$7.60
Vertical Roof24×36 (864)$6,925$8.02

7. Steel Rigid Frame Buildings

Metal rigid frame buildings are vailable at just $5.20 per square foot. These structures are expertly designed to withstand harsh conditions like strong winds and heavy snow loads, making them a perfect choice for demanding areas. These structures excel in providing long-lasting and resilient solutions.

Rigid Frame BuildingSize (SQFT)Price$ / SQFT
Rigid frame horse barn building70×60 (4200)$25,620$6.10
Rigid frame horse barn building60×80 (4800)$27,840$5.80
Rigid frame horse barn building65×80 (5200)$28,600$5.50
Rigid frame horse barn building90×60 (5400)$28,080$5.20

8. Steel Truss Buildings

For commercial applications requiring strength and a clear, open internal space, steel truss buildings are an ideal choice. These structures cost around $8.92 per square foot, providing a spacious and versatile environment.

Truss BuildingSizePrice$ / SQFT
Large truss metal building40×20 (800)$7,295$9.11
Large truss metal building40×24 (960)$8,345$8.69
Large truss metal building50×20 (1000)$9,595$9.59
Large truss metal building50×24 (1200)$10,695$8.91
Large truss metal building60×24 (1440)$13,595$9.44

9. Metal Churches

When it comes to constructing metal churches, the cost averages around $18 per square foot. The overall price is influenced by factors such as fittings, quality, and the location of the site.

ChurchSize SQFT$/SQFTPrice

10. Metal Homes

Metal home kits offer an attractive housing solution, with costs varying depending on the number of bedrooms and finishing options. A one-bedroom metal home kit can start at $19,314, while a four-bedroom option may cost $50,850 or more.

Residential HomeSize (m2)BedroomsPrice$/m2
Home Kit 53m253One$19,314.50$364.42
Home Kit 86m286Two$29,339.47$341.15
Home Kit 101m2101Two$34,693.85$343.50
Home Kit 150m2150Four$50,850$339

11. Steel Walkway Buildings

Steel walkway buildings, with prices ranging from $916 to $2,444, offer an efficient and durable solution for creating elevated passages. Using heavier steel or aluminum can increase the cost further but enhances structural strength.

Walkway frame only8×20$916
Walkway with a roof8×20$1,448
Walkway frame only10×30$2,106
Walkway with a roof10×30$2,444

Steel Building Costs by Options

To ascertain an accurate price point, it's crucial to solicit quotes from different suppliers. In this comprehensive guide, we will demystify the expenses tied to popular metal building options and provide a clearer understanding of the financial aspects involved.

1. Sliding Sidewall Doors

Among the array of choices, sliding sidewall doors emerge as a popular selection. Their price spectrum varies considerably, spanning from $1,643 to $3,422. Depending on the dimensions and features you desire, the final cost will fluctuate accordingly.

2. Hollow Metal Walk-Thru Doors

For an entryway with a modern touch, hollow metal walk-thru doors present an attractive option. Priced between $735 and $1,811 per door, these entrances offer both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

3. Framed Openings

Integrating framed openings into your steel building design serves as a crucial aspect for accessibility. The cost of these openings typically falls within the range of $491 to $1,104 each, depending on the size and number you opt for.

4. Gutters

Among the more utilitarian elements, gutters play a vital role in safeguarding your steel building against water damage. The financial investment for gutters spans from $12.76 to $25.42 per linear foot, making them a wise addition.

5. Insulation

For enhanced energy efficiency and temperature control, insulation proves indispensable. The cost of insulation hovers between $1.67 and $2.79 per square foot, depending on your insulation preferences.

6. Overhangs

Considering the practicality and aesthetic appeal, overhangs come to the fore. These protective extensions carry a price tag of $32.14 to $95.45 per linear foot, providing an extra layer of security against the elements.

7. Skylights

Illuminating the interior with natural light, skylights add a touch of elegance to your steel building. Valued between $170 and $1,108 each, skylights offer a delightful ambiance while reducing the need for artificial lighting.

8. Ventilators

Proper ventilation is a fundamental aspect of any steel building. Ventilators, ranging from $230 to $834 each, ensure the circulation of fresh air, contributing to a comfortable environment.

9. Steel Sliding Windows

Functional and visually appealing, steel sliding windows offer versatility. Their cost varies from $436 to $623 each, depending on the window's size and features.

10. Aluminum Windows

For an alternative window choice, consider aluminum windows. Ranging from $310 to $529 each, they offer durability and a modern touch.

11. Thicker Concrete Floor

Opting for a 6" concrete floor with 1/2" rebars commands an additional $0.99 per square foot. The investment translates to a sturdier foundation that can withstand heavy loads.

12. Heavier Steel Wall Coverings

Choosing thicker 26-gauge colored steel wall coverings incurs an extra cost of $0.60 per square foot. However, it elevates both the durability and aesthetics of your building.

13. No Wall Cover

For a cost reduction of $2.35 per square foot, you may consider forgoing wall coverings and relying solely on girts. This option, however, leaves the building more exposed.

14. No Roof Cover

Another potential cost-saving measure is to skip roof coverings and use purlins, reducing the price by $1.99 per square foot. However, consider whether this choice provides sufficient protection against the elements.

Price of Metal Building Supplier

When embarking on a steel building project, it's essential to explore various suppliers and contractors to find the best fit for your needs. Different companies offer varying services and specialties, making it crucial to shop around for the most favorable deals. Here are some reputable names in the industry and their average metal building costs:

1. Morton Buildings

Morton Buildings is a trusted provider that offers a diverse range of steel buildings. With BBB accreditation, they deliver quality service and structures.

For instance, they offer a fully insulated ranch-style house shell at $50 per square foot, making the total cost for a 2,500 square foot house approximately $125,000.

Apart from residential buildings, Morton Buildings caters to farms, shops, and industrial projects, providing customers with a wide selection of options.

2. Muller Inc

Muller Inc specializes in workshops, garages, homes, storage units, and commercial steel buildings. They also offer financing options, with the possibility of securing up to $30,000 at a competitive rate of 5.99% for up to 36 months. Remarkably, deserving non-profit organizations have the chance to receive a free building for their projects.

A Muller Inc 50 x 50 workshop or barn typically costs around $15,000, covering standard concrete foundations, galvanized steel walls, and a simple pitched roof.

3. Freedom Steel

Freedom Steel is known for providing high-quality pre-engineered steel buildings. Notably, recent reported prices include a 24 x 24 storage or utility building for $12,952.41.

For more extensive projects, like a large 80 X 200 multi-purpose farm building with a PBR roof, the cost can amount to $109,354.93.

What Factors Will Affect The Price Of Steel Building?

To grasp the dynamics of steel building pricing, it's crucial to comprehend the various factors that come into play. Several elements contribute to the overall cost of a steel building project, and understanding these can help you make informed decisions.

1. Design and Size

The design and size of your steel building are crucial factors that directly impact the overall cost. A complex design with intricate details or customizations can increase expenses significantly. Similarly, larger buildings require more materials and labor, contributing to higher costs.

To keep the costs manageable, consider opting for a simpler design and standard dimensions. This approach ensures a cost-effective yet functional steel building without compromising on quality or structural integrity.

2. Geography & Weather

The geographical location of your construction site and prevailing weather conditions can influence the cost of your steel building. Areas with limited access to construction resources or high demand for steel may lead to increased expenses. Additionally, regions prone to extreme weather, such as hurricanes or heavy snowfall, may require additional reinforcements, affecting the overall cost.

To address these challenges, consult with local contractors familiar with the area's conditions. They can suggest cost-effective solutions and help you navigate potential weather-related concerns.

3. Steel Building Regulations

Compliance with building regulations and codes is essential and can impact the cost of your steel building project. Different regions have specific construction standards to ensure safety and adherence to structural requirements. Meeting these regulations may involve using certain materials or incorporating additional features, adding to the overall expenses.

When planning your steel building, collaborate with experienced architects and engineers familiar with local building codes. Their expertise will help you meet the required standards while keeping costs in check.

4. Price and Quality of Steel

The cost of steel is a significant determinant of the overall price of a steel building. Steel prices can fluctuate due to market conditions, demand, and availability. Opting for higher-quality steel might initially increase the cost, but it can lead to long-term savings through improved durability and reduced maintenance expenses.

When planning your steel building project, it's essential to stay updated on steel price trends and consult with reputable suppliers to get the best deals without compromising on quality.

5. Construction

The construction process itself can impact the cost of a steel building. Several factors within the construction phase can influence expenses:

The complexity of the design and construction significantly affects the final cost. Intricate architectural features or challenging building layouts can require more materials, labor, and time, leading to higher expenses.

To manage costs, consider opting for a straightforward design while ensuring it meets your functional and aesthetic needs.

Additional features and add-ons can contribute to the steel building costs. These may include insulation, ventilation systems, doors, windows, and interior finishes. While such features enhance the building's functionality and comfort, they can also increase the overall investment.

When deciding on features and add-ons, prioritize essential elements and evaluate their potential benefits against their impact on the budget.

6. Logistics

Logistical factors play a vital role in determining the cost of a steel building project. Several aspects fall under this category:

The geographical location of the construction site can influence the logistics and transportation costs. Remote or difficult-to-access areas might require specialized equipment and transportation, adding to the overall expenses.

Labor costs can vary depending on the location and the availability of skilled workers. Areas with high demand for construction services may have higher labor costs, affecting the budget.

To optimize logistics-related expenses, choose a location that offers convenient access to resources and a skilled workforce.

7. Customization

Customizing your steel building to meet specific requirements can impact the cost. While tailored solutions offer distinct advantages, they may involve additional engineering, design, and manufacturing efforts, leading to higher expenses.

Before proceeding with extensive customization, carefully assess the benefits it brings and compare them to the associated costs.

Choosing the Best Steel Building for Your Needs and Budget

By tailoring your choice to meet your project's specific needs, you can minimize steel building costs. Remember to strike a balance between functionality and expenses.

1. Identify Your Specific Requirements

To make the right choice, begin by understanding your unique requirements for the steel building project. Evaluate the purpose, size, and features you need, putting your needs as the top priority.

2. Compare Factors to Optimize Economical Option

With a clear project outline, compare various factors on our list to identify the most cost-effective choice. Remember, a solution that doesn't meet your requirements may not be truly economical.

Choosing the ideal steel building starts with recognizing your project's requirements. Prioritize your needs and preferences to ensure satisfaction.

Next, evaluate all aspects listed to discover the most budget-friendly option. Remember, an economical choice should align with your needs.

3. Keeping Steel Building Costs Minimal

The key to keeping steel building costs low lies in finding the perfect fit for your requirements. Avoid overspending on unnecessary features.

Prioritize the most crucial aspects while optimizing costs. Invest in features that fulfill your needs without exceeding your budget.

The "How Much Does a Steel Building Cost?" FAQs

To quench your thirst for information on steel building costs, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions with clear-cut answers!

1. Are steel buildings more cost-effective than traditional structures?

Absolutely! Steel buildings often cost less than traditional construction methods due to reduced labor and construction time. Additionally, steel's durability and low maintenance requirements translate into long-term cost savings.

2. Can I save money by assembling a steel building myself?

While DIY assembly may seem tempting, it's crucial to remember that erecting a steel building requires expertise and specialized tools. Improper installation could lead to structural issues, incurring higher expenses in the long run.

3. Do steel buildings offer energy efficiency?

Yes! Energy-efficient features are seamlessly integrated into the design of steel buildings, encompassing proper insulation, reflective roofing, and energy-efficient windows.

These elements effectively optimize energy consumption. These features not only reduce operational costs but also contribute to a greener environment.

4. Can I get financial assistance for my steel building project?

Yes! Many financial institutions offer loans or financing options specifically for steel building projects. Additionally, certain government programs or grants might be available to support eco-friendly construction initiatives.

5. Are there any ongoing maintenance costs for steel buildings?

While steel buildings are relatively low maintenance, they may require periodic inspections and minor repairs over time. However, compared to traditional structures, the maintenance costs are significantly lower.

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Average Cost of a Steel Building: Get Ahead on Your Project
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