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VoIP Phone System Cost: Budgeting for Investment

Editor: Benjamin Knox | Updated: Monday, February 5th, 2024

VoIP is the future of talking with customers, and it's budget-friendly for businesses. I'll explain how much does it cost and why it's budget-friendly.

Setting up a VoIP phone system costs less upfront than the traditional options, because you don't need much fancy equipment. Plus, there's a cool virtual phone system option, saving you from spending on expensive on-site gear and upkeep.

The great thing about VoIP is it can grow with your business easily—no need for costly upgrades. It's also flexible, letting you work from anywhere, boosting productivity, and saving on office costs.

VoIP service plans often have low rates for international and long-distance calls. So, you can talk freely without worrying about crazy phone bills.

What is a VoIP Phone Systems?

VoIP Phone Systems, as explained by the Federal Communication Commission [1], is a technology to make calling simpler and more flexible. Instead of the usual phone lines, the VoIP uses the internet for your calls.

Some services let you call anyone, anywhere—local, long-distance, mobile, or international. You can use a regular phone with VoIP through a special adapter, or go high-tech with a dedicated VoIP phone.

VoIP turns your voice into a digital signal and sends it over the internet. If your call goes to a regular phone, it changes back to a normal phone signal at the other end. Plus, you can make calls from your computer or at a cafe with a Wi-Fi hotspot.

How Much Does a VoIP Phone System Cost?

Breaking down the cost of VoIP phone systems is like checking prices on a menu—different options for different needs. Your bill depends on your provider, how many people will use it, setup, and if you're getting any extra hardware.

According to TechCo [2], a hosted VoIP system can be as low as $10 to $30 per user each month using free software for calls. Need hardware? You can get a VoIP desk phone for about $80 and a headset for $40 from providers like Yealink or Cisco. While on-premise VoIP system will cost around $500 to $1,000 up front.

On the other hand, Encomputers [3] notes that an average VoIP system ranges from $99 to $400 per extension. Additional monthly expenses (maintenance, service fees) add $20 to $30 per extension.

Cost of VoIP Phone System Setup and Installation

Setting up a VoIP phone system involves dealing with costs for hardware, setup, and installation. Let me break it down for you.

1. Phone Equipment Costs

The main thing you'll spend on is the phones. You've got three options: you can go for VoIP-compatible office phones, use versatile softphones, or grab converters for regular landlines.

If you want the cool features, most businesses go for new VoIP phones. Look into the Polycom VVX series for desks and some Yealink models for cordless options.

Each phone is around $150 to $200, plus there's a $50 labor charge per phone. If you already have VoIP desk phones, reprogramming them for the new VoIP system might cost an extra $50 per phone.

2. Phone Number Migration Costs

Making sure your calls keep flowing is a snap with a one-time $25 fee per number for the VoIP move. It's like a guarantee for a smooth switch – super important during the switch-over time.

3. Infrastructure and Cabling Costs

For a great VoIP setup, you need a strong internet connection. Stick with the cables you already have for savings. If those doesn't work, there might be a bit more effort and cost. Or, you could upgrade to switches that support Power over Ethernet (PoE) for easy phone power without extra gadgets.

Ongoing Costs of VoIP Phone Service

VoIP is a budget-friendly choice with its virtual setup, saving more than traditional landlines. Your monthly bill depends on how many phones and lines you need. Keep in mind, not every phone needs its own line, so you can save on costs.

Ongoing expenses, covering monthly service and upkeep, usually run around $20 to $30 per user. It's a smart choice for businesses that want great communication without burning a hole in their wallets.

Monthly VoIP Service Cost

VoIP phone systems offer a budget-friendly way to communicate effectively without compromising quality. The pricing is clear, and the features are flexible, helping businesses make the most of their communication

1. Per Extension Cost

VoIP keeps it simple with a base cost of $15 per month for each extension. Need more extensions for phones or headsets? Easy – just add $3 per extension. This way, you pay only for what you need.

2. Call Recording

For an extra $3 per extension, you get call recording. This is like having a memory for your calls, helping with monitoring and training. It's not just a cool feature; it's a handy tool to make your customer service even better.

3. Virtual Extension and Conference Bridge

Imagine having virtual extensions and conference bridges for just $3 a month. These tools make working together easy, no matter where your team is. It's like having a virtual meeting room that boosts teamwork and productivity.

4. Call Path

VoIP lets you customize your communication channels for $10 per call path. This means you can manage calls the way you want, making sure things run smoothly. It's a crucial feature for businesses that want their calls to flow effortlessly.

5. 911 Fee

For just $2.99 a month, you get a 911 fee, ensuring quick access to emergency services.

Hidden Costs of VoIP Phone

The costs of VoIP phones is not just about the monthly bill. There are some sneaky expenses that might catch you off guard. Here's what you need to know:

  • Taxes: VoIP providers legally add various taxes, and it's not just one or two. You could be dealing with local sales taxes, state taxes, city taxes, license taxes, and public utility taxes. Watch out for these, as they can accumulate over time.
  • Software Extras: When you sign up for a basic VoIP package, did you know there might be extra charges for cool features like web conferencing and team messaging? It's like upgrading your phone to superhero status, but it comes with a cost. Before committing, check the prices for these add-ons – they vary.
  • Number Porting: Switching your old number to VoIP is usually smooth, but watch out for providers slipping in a fee. For instance, Ooma asks for $39.95 as a one-time fee if you want to keep your old number.

Factors that Affect VOIP Phone System Costs

After getting the hang of VoIP phones, let's break down what affects the cost. Knowing this stuff helps you make savvy choices without blowing your budget.

  • Extensions: The more extensions you need, the more it might cost you. Each extra extension can add $20 to $40 to your monthly bill. So, if you've got 20 employees needing phones, expect an extra cost of around $400.
  • Extra Features: Basic features come with your VoIP package, but fancier stuff like call holding or conference calls may tack on an extra $10 to $30 every month.
  • Hardware Choices: Whether you rent or buy your phone gear affects the bill. Renting could set you back $60 to $90 per device each month. Buying VoIP phones upfront (starting at $200 to $300 per device) might save you money in the long run. You can also make your regular phones VoIP-ready with adapters.
  • Hosted vs. Self-hosted: Most go for hosted plans – renting both hardware and service from a bigger company. It's usually cheaper. Self-hosted options can cost more since you handle the troubleshooting.
  • Contract Length: How long you commit matters. Longer contracts often mean lower monthly fees. Opting for a 36-month deal could be friendlier on your budget than a 24-month one.
  • Extra Bits and Pieces: Other things add to the cost, like IP PBXs, gateways, or gadgets like IP headphones. Don't forget to factor these in.

Types of VoIP Systems and Services

VoIP, or fancy talk for internet phone services, has shaken up how we connect at home and work. It's not just about saving money—it's about grabbing cool features too.

  • In-house VoIP: Big companies use VoIP instead of old-school phone systems. Smaller ones might use software on a regular computer for similar perks.
  • Hosted VoIP: If you don't want to drop loads of cash on your own VoIP system, hosted services are a savvy move. Leasing options keep costs steady, and the system might be far from your office.
  • Hybrid VoIP: Some companies like their current system but want a taste of VoIP's perks. They might use both systems at the same time, slowly shifting to a full VoIP setup.

Now, let's explore different kinds of VoIP:

  • Residential VoIP: Wanna use your home phone over the internet? VoIP has adapters for that. You can pick plans with unlimited services or pay-as-you-go minutes.
  • Device-based VoIP: Grab a VoIP device, connect it to your phone, and enjoy free U.S. calls. MagicJack and Ooma are go-to picks for cheap chats.
  • Software-based VoIP: The most common type, you can use VoIP through web apps or installed software. Think of Skype—it makes talking a breeze.
  • Mobile VoIP: Apps like Skype, WhatsApp, and Google Hangout let you chat on your smartphone with an internet connection. Perfect for travelers and remote workers.
  • Business VoIP: Businesses can save big with VoIP, whether they choose on-site or cloud options. Features like video calls, automated attendants, and detailed call reports are super handy. Plus, it's a cinch to grow when needed, with top-notch tech support.

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