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Bulldozer Rental Cost (A Day, A Week, A Month Rates)

Robert Cochran | Last updated Tuesday, August 1st, 2023

In the rugged world of heavy equipment, there is one unsung hero that stands tall and mighty – the bulldozer. Aptly nicknamed "dozers," these colossal machines have been transforming landscapes and shaping civilizations for decades. Picture this: a hulking metal beast, with an aura of strength and purpose, ready to conquer any terrain that dares to challenge its prowess.

Bulldozers are a force to be reckoned with, fueled by the sheer determination to move mountains of materials with ease. Dirt, gravel, rubble, and debris – none can withstand the relentless might of their blade attachments. And it is through this very blade that these machines work their magic, clearing land and leveling surfaces, laying the foundation for new roads that connect distant horizons.

At the heart of every bulldozer lies its power, measured in horsepower (hp). The smaller dozers, ranging from 70 to 90 hp, exhibit their finesse in handling small-scale earthmoving tasks. Think of them as the agile dancers of the construction world, gracefully maneuvering through intricate movements to accomplish their missions.

But wait, there's more! As we venture into the realm of the moderate to large dozers, with up to 250 hp at their disposal, the excitement reaches a crescendo. These behemoths were born for the heavy-duty tasks – they relish in the challenge of conquering monumental construction and maintenance projects. With each powerful push, they forge a path that leaves an indelible mark on the landscape, reminding us of their unstoppable might.

Bulldozer Rental Costs Overview

Bulldozers are the Herculean machines that can get the job done with sheer force and efficiency. But before you dive headfirst into this powerhouse of earthmoving, let's talk dollars and sense.

Bulldozer rental costs are as diverse as the terrains they conquer. The journey begins with the 150 HP bulldozer, a workhorse that can be yours for a surprisingly reasonable price of $375 to $500 a day. Need something beefier? The 330 HP beast is at your command, ranging from $100 to $1100 a day, depending on the duration and provider.

Now, let's zoom in on the illustrious D6 Dozer. Dry hire rates stand at $200 per hour, but if you require an operator's expert touch, prepare to invest $500 per hour for a D9 Dozer. Talk about raw power!

If you prefer a little wet hire action, the D6 demands $300 per hour, while the mighty D9 will require $575 per hour. Whether dry or wet, these machines unleash unparalleled might, ready to conquer any challenge in their path.

Need a bulldozer for the long haul? For a month-long rental, expect to spend anywhere from $4500 to $6000 for a 150 HP dozer and a hefty $12,000 to $15,000 for the 330 HP variant. Rest assured, though, as these behemoths will prove their worth time and time again.

Bulldozer SizeDaily RateWeekly RateMonthly RateOperating Weight
70-80 HP$512$2,559$11,26318,525 lbs
90-99 HP$615$3,069$20,49818,761 lbs
104 HP$890$2,448$6,12121,266 lbs
130 HP$965$2,645$6,60430,750 lbs

Bulldozer Rental Rates By Type

For every project, finding the right bulldozer at the right price is the key to unlocking success. Delving into the data of bulldozer rental rates by type, we unearth a treasure trove of options. So whether you need a nimble crawler for precision or a mighty beast for heavy-duty tasks, this comprehensive guide will set you on the path to excellence.

Bulldozer TypeDailyWeeklyMonthly
Dozer D1 Cab Air Power 80 Operating weight 18,525 lbs. Blade VPAT$605$1,655$4,140
Dozer D3K LGP Cab with Air /Winch Power 80 HP Operating Weight 18,525 lbs. Balde VPAT$685$1,890$4,725
Dozer D1 (D3K) Canopy Power 80 HP Operating Weight 18,525 Blade VPAT$625$1,725$4,300
Dozer D2 (D4K) Cab Air Power 92 HP Operating Weight 18,761 lbs.$765$2,100$5,250
Dozer D2 (D4K) Power 92 HP Operating Weight 18,761 lbs.$745$2,045$5,115
Dozer D3C (D5K) Cab with air. Power 104 HP Operating Weight 21,266 lbs.$840$2,310$5,775
Dozer D4 (D6K) Cab with Air. Power 130 HP Operating Weight 30,750 lbs. Balde VPAT$910$2,495$6,230
Dozer D6L LGP Cab with Air TC Power 130 Operperating Weoght 30,750 lbs. Blade VPAT$910$2,495$6,230
Dozer D6N LGP Car Air TC Power 130 HP Operaring Weight 30,750 Blade VPAT$1,090$3,000$7,500
Dozer D5 (D6N) Cab Air Power 150 Operating Weight 39,859 lbs. Blade VPAT$1,240$3,400$8,495
Dozer D5 (D6N) Cab with Air with Winch. Power 150 HP Operating Weight 59,895 Blade VPAT$1,630$4,490$11,225
Dozer DGN LGP Cab TC Power 150 HP Operating Weight 39,895 lbs. Blade VPAT$1,530$4.205$10,510
Dozer D6 (D6T) Cab Air Power 207 HP Opertaing Weight 53,651 lbs.$1,855$5,100$12, 745
Dozer D6& LPG VPAT Power 207 HP Operating Weight 53, 651lbs. Blade VPAT$2060$5.665$14,160
Dozer D6 (D6T) with Winch Power 207 Operating Weight 53,651 lbs. Blade S$1,575$4,330$10,815
Dozer D6t LGP VPAT with Winch Power 207 Operating Weight 53,651 lbs.$2,095$5,770$14,420

Hidden Expenses Involved in Renting a Bulldozer

When seeking a bulldozer rental, time is of the essence. Most rental companies stipulate a minimum rental duration of four hours, regardless of whether you require it for a shorter period. This can set you back at least $600 for a standard bulldozer.

However, the financial journey doesn't end there. Additional costs lurk in the shadows. Transporting these hulking giants to and from job sites requires hefty expenditure. Short distances alone can incur a transportation cost of around a thousand dollars.

Moreover, maintenance and safety inspections are vital to ensure seamless operation and avoid unforeseen delays. By delving into past records, you can gain insights into the accuracy of these costs.

Operating a bulldozer comes with stringent requirements. OSHA mandates operators to undergo rigorous training and maintain updated certifications every three years. With operator salaries ranging from $14.13 to $38.52 per hour, it's another factor to weigh in.

Factors Affecting Bulldozer Rental Pricing

When planning your next project and contemplating bulldozer rentals, understanding the intricate factors that influence pricing is paramount. Let's embark on a thrilling expedition to unravel these enigmatic elements.

1. Bulldozer Type and Size

Like a symphony of power, each bulldozer type and size plays a distinct role in the construction orchestra. Larger, more powerful dozers wield the potential to tackle monumental tasks, often commanding higher rental rates.

2. Rental Duration

Time is the currency of construction, and the longer you dance with the dozer, the better the pricing per hour or day becomes. Optimize your rental duration to strike a harmonious balance between cost and project needs.

3. Demand and Seasonality

The rhythmic ebb and flow of construction demand can sway bulldozer rental costs. During peak seasons, when builders flourish like spring blooms, the demand for these mechanical titans may surge, influencing prices.

4. Location

Geography wields its magnetic charm, affecting the transportation costs to and from the rental site. A local rental company can be a savior, curbing excessive delivery expenses and keeping your budget on track.

5. Special Attachments and Add-Ons

In the grand symphony of construction, sometimes you need a unique instrument to achieve perfection. Specialized attachments like rippers or blades may orchestrate higher rental fees but deliver superior results.

6. Machine Condition

Like seasoned maestros, well-maintained modern dozers harmonize productivity and efficiency. While older dozers may entice with lower rates, their performance might strike a discordant note.

7. Rental Company

Amidst the crescendo of options, choosing the right rental company is akin to selecting a virtuoso. Reputation, customer service, and value-added benefits compose the melody of your rental experience.

Role of Bulldozers in Various Industries

Bulldozers are more than mere machines; they symbolize progress, strength, and determination.

1. Construction

Construction projects form the primary domain where bulldozers reign supreme. These colossal beasts tirelessly move massive amounts of dirt, level terrain, and clear land, transforming raw landscapes into foundations for the future. From small-scale developments to mega-infrastructure projects, bulldozers are the backbone of construction, ensuring efficient and timely execution.

2. Mining

Venturing deep into the earth's crust, bulldozers play a pivotal role in the mining industry. Their robust build and exceptional power facilitate the excavation of minerals and ores, helping extract valuable resources that fuel economies and shape global industries.

3 Forestry

In the tranquil realm of forests, bulldozers take on a different role. These gentle giants assist in forest management, aiding in the creation of firebreaks, clearing paths, and mitigating the impact of wildfires. Their controlled finesse ensures minimal disruption to the delicate ecosystems they encounter.

4. Roadbuilding

Where civilization meets wilderness, roads emerge, connecting communities and fostering progress. Bulldozers are indispensable in road construction, shaping the routes and preparing the ground for smooth and safe journeys.

5. Agriculture

Beyond construction and development, the agricultural sector harnesses the potential of bulldozers for land preparation and irrigation projects. These machines efficiently clear fields and create irrigation channels, laying the groundwork for bountiful harvests.

What to Consider When Renting a Bulldozer

Choosing the right rental bulldozer can make all the difference, ensuring seamless progress and efficient operations. Here are some crucial considerations to unearth the perfect match for your jobsite.

1. Material Volume and Weight

The volume and weight of the materials you'll be handling play a pivotal role in selecting the ideal bulldozer. From compact materials to heavy debris, the dozer must possess the brawn to power through the masses with ease and precision.

2. Space Considerations

Jobsites often present limited space, demanding nimble and maneuverable bulldozers. Choosing a dozer that can elegantly dance through tight spaces ensures optimum productivity without compromising safety.

3. Slope and Terrain

From steep slopes to challenging terrains, the right bulldozer tames every landscape it encounters. Evaluating the dozer's capabilities to handle the specific slopes and terrains of your project is essential to maintain stability and control.

4. Weather and Environmental Conditions

Mother Nature can be unpredictable, and your bulldozer should be ready to weather any storm. Opt for a dozer that can withstand adverse weather conditions, ensuring uninterrupted progress regardless of the elements.

5. Transportation and Hauling Abilities

Transportation logistics are crucial when renting a bulldozer. Consider the dozer's size and weight to ensure it can be easily transported to your site. Additionally, evaluate its hauling capabilities to streamline operations.

6. Safety and Environmental Concerns

Safety should never be compromised on any jobsite. Select a bulldozer equipped with safety features and adhere to environmental standards, ensuring the well-being of workers and the preservation of the environment.

7. Technology and Features

Modern bulldozers come equipped with advanced technology and features. Explore options that align with your project's needs, as innovative features can enhance productivity and efficiency.

8. Technical Support

A reliable technical support network can provide peace of mind during your project. Ensure that assistance is readily available should you encounter any technical issues or require guidance.

9. Power Capacity

Horsepower is the heartbeat of a bulldozer. Assess the machine's power capacity to ensure it matches the demands of your project, enabling the dozer to tackle tasks with gusto.

10. Material Handling Fees

Before finalizing the rental agreement, consider the material handling fees associated with the heavy equipment. Striking a balance between quality and cost ensures a successful project without breaking the bank.

Various Types of Bulldozers You Can Rent

The bulldozer, a formidable heavyweight in the world of heavy equipment, is a familiar sight to both professionals and the general public alike. If you are considering renting a bulldozer, acquainting yourself with the various types of this robust machinery is vital to making an informed choice.

Let's explore these different types, enabling you to select the one that best suits your specific needs and requirements.

1. Crawler Bulldozers

The ever-reliable crawler bulldozers, with their gripping tracks, conquer terrains with unwavering determination. From sands to muddy grounds, they evenly distribute their weight, ensuring steadfast performance. Whether you require a 7-ton dozer for lighter tasks or a mammoth 40-ton beast for massive material movement, the crawler dozers are ready to prove their mettle.

2. Wheeled Bulldozers

Wheeled bulldozers exhibit unparalleled maneuverability and speed, making them swift commanders on the construction battlefield. While they outpace their tracked counterparts on solid grounds, they tread cautiously on softer surfaces. Embrace their agility for tasks that demand finesse and rapid execution.

3. Swamp Bulldozers

In the treacherous swampy realms, swamp bulldozers reign supreme. Boasting extra-wide tracks and innovative design, they skillfully navigate marshy terrains without sinking. With extended track frames and waterproof connectors, they become invincible champions in boggy battlegrounds.

4. Angle Dozers

Angle bulldozers take on specialized missions with precision. Their unique front blades, set at angles other than the standard 90 degrees, push materials with unparalleled accuracy. For tasks that demand delicate handling, these dozers answer the call.

5. Compact Bulldozers

When maneuverability is the key, compact bulldozers take center stage. Mighty in their small frames, they excel at grading and clearing smaller lots, proving that size is no constraint to strength.

6. Military Bulldozers

In the service of nations, military bulldozers display bravery and innovation. Controlled remotely by combat engineers, they navigate war zones with precision and purpose. Armored cabs, emergency hatches, and foldable blades enable swift deployment for air transportation.

FAQs: All Your Bulldozer Rental Queries Answered

If you find yourself in need of a bulldozer for your projects, we have the answers to your burning questions.

1. How much does it cost to rent a bulldozer?

The cost of bulldozer rentals revolves around crucial factors such as the dozer's size and the horsepower required to conquer your specific tasks. Rental options cater to projects of all durations, offering daily rates for quick missions and weekly or monthly rates for more extensive endeavors. Additionally, acquiring contractor's equipment insurance is a prerequisite for securing rentals.

Daily rental prices range from $438 for a 70-79 hp dozer to $546 for a formidable 90-99 hp machine. Weekly rentals come in at $1,294 for a 70-79 hp dozer, $1,377 for an 80-89 hp mid-sized dozer, and $1,536 for the 90-99 hp dozer. For those seeking a longer commitment, monthly prices are $3,631, $3,952, and $4,431, respectively. For larger models, a personalized quote may be the key to unlocking the perfect match.

2. What type of bulldozer do I need?

Bulldozers parade their versatility in three primary types, each uniquely tailored to conquer specific challenges:

  • Mini Bulldozers: Agile and versatile, mini dozers navigate through tight spaces effortlessly, making them ideal for driveways, residential areas, and snowy terrains.
  • Crawler Bulldozers: Armed with powerful tracks providing unparalleled traction, crawler dozers fearlessly tackle rough terrains, effortlessly moving hefty materials.
  • Wheeled Bulldozers: Blending power with agility, wheeled dozers excel in heavy-duty tasks while flaunting enhanced maneuverability on smoother surfaces that require no extra traction.
3. How much bulldozer horsepower do I need?

A bulldozer's horsepower is the heartbeat of its performance, defining its ability to tackle specific tasks. For lighter endeavors such as clearing residential lots, plowing snow, or removing tree trunks, smaller dozers (70-79 hp) are the ideal companions.

For digging and leveling ground at worksites, larger machines (140-149 hp) rise to the occasion. The mightiest bulldozers (200-249 hp) unleash their strength in clearing roads after natural disasters and dominating demolition sites with unmatched vigor.

4. What bulldozer blades or attachments are best for my project?

The versatility of bulldozers extends to their blades and attachments, each tailor-made for specific jobs, loads, and weights.


The S-blade's prowess shines in stumping, backfilling, and leveling uneven terrain. Its versatility makes it a must-have for multifaceted projects.


Designed for ditching, pushing, and material handling, the U-blade excels in tasks requiring robust power and precise control.


The narrower, slightly curved S-U-blade artfully combines the best of both S and U blades. Ideal for backfilling and crowning, it excels in pushing soil over long distances with finesse.

Angle Blade

Perfect for moving soft or medium-hard soil, snow, or gravel, the angle blade's agility ensures smooth operations on varied terrains.

PAT Blade (Power-Angle-Tilt)

The PAT blade is a Swiss Army knife of bulldozer attachments, shining in leveling and scraping harder materials with unparalleled versatility.

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