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Looking for a shed? Consider pre-built ones. Pros can build them faster than DIY, saving you bucks. Take Graceland Portable Buildings, for instance. They’re all about quality and putting you first.

They offer seventeen styles, each customizable. Pick your roofing and colors for a shed that suits you. Plus, they’ve got add-ons to fit your needs.

Graceland Portable Buildings prices are affordable. So, are you ready to find your perfect shed? Let’s explore their options today and see how affordable quality can be!

How Much are Graceland Portable Buildings?

Graceland Portable Buildings offers a variety of sheds to fit different needs and budgets. With 24 colors to choose from, you can customize your shed just the way you like it. The price of Graceland Portable Buildings depends on the size and features you want, so you get a quote tailored to your needs.

For those looking for an affordable option, a small 10’ x 12’ shed starts at $4,000. Medium-sized sheds start at $9,000, and larger ones, up to 14’ x 40’, are around $20,000. [1] Whether you need basic storage or a bigger workspace, Graceland Portable Buildings has options for you.

Graceland Portable Buildings Standard Features

Graceland Portable Buildings come with a bunch of cool features that make them super durable and useful. [2]

  • All the wood you can see is treated to keep termites and decay away, so the building stays strong for longer.
  • There are vents at both ends to let air flow through, keeping the inside comfy and preserving the building.
  • They use special nails that are super strong and don’t rust, making the whole building even tougher.

Now, let’s break down the costs for each style of Graceland portable building.

Price List for Each Types of Graceland Portable Buildings

These prices show the value you get with Graceland Portable Buildings. With different sizes and styles, there’s a perfect fit for every need and budget.

1. Barns

These barns are simple yet functional, featuring clean lines and unique trim for a charming backyard addition. But they’re not just about looks – they offer plenty of storage space. The Graceland portable barn price starting at $3,510. These barns come with a single wood door for 8′ wide buildings and a double wood door for larger structures. Sizes range from 8’x8′ to 10’x16′, catering to various needs.

2. Utility Shed

The Graceland Utility Shed is your ultimate storage solution for outdoor gear. With prices starting at $4,050, these sheds offer great value. Standard features include a single wood door for 8′ wide models and a double door for 10′ wide or larger ones. These sheds come in various sizes, from a cozy 8 sq ft (8×12) to a spacious 16 sq ft (16×40), catering to all needs.

3. Garden Shed

The Graceland Garden Shed is a simple solution for storing all your gardening tools and supplies. With its spacious interiors and double doors, it’s perfect for any gardener, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro. Each shed comes with a window and a wood door (for smaller sheds) or double doors (for larger ones), making it easy to get in and out.

Choose from different sizes, starting from a cozy 8×12′ to a spacious 16×40′, depending on your needs. Prices start at $4,140, offering great value for a sturdy storage option.

4. Lofted Barn

The Graceland Lofted Barn offers handy storage or workspace with an extra loft for more space. Built strong, it lasts long. Standard features include a single wood door and a 4′ loft for 8′ wide buildings; wider buildings have a double wood door and a 4′ loft. Sizes range from 8×12′ to 14×40′. Prices start at $4,700, keeping quality affordable.

5. Side Lofted Barn

The versatile Graceland Side Lofted Barn designed to meet your workshop or storage needs with ease. Featuring a spacious overhead loft, this sturdy build offers plenty of room for various uses.

Each barn includes standard features like two 2×3′ Windows & one Single Wood Door, plus a 4′ Loft for all 8′ wide models. For wider buildings of 10′ or more, enjoy two 2×3′ Windows & one Double Wood Door, along with a 4′ Loft.

Choose from sizes ranging from 8×12′ to 14×40′, with prices starting at $4,880.

6. Cabin

The Graceland Cabin comes with cool porch styles for hanging out and lots of space inside for storing your stuff. With three 2×3′ Windows and a 9-Lite Door included, you’ve got plenty of light and a nice entrance. Sizes range from small (8×12′) to big (16×36′), so there’s one for everyone. Starting at $5,230, Graceland Cabins are budget-friendly and still top quality.

7. Garage

Graceland Garage offers a simple solution for storage needs. With a built-in ventilation system, it keeps your garage cool. The tough flooring and strong nails make it durable. Plus, it comes with standard inclusions like two 2×3′ Single Pane Windows, a 9-Lite Door, and an 8″ Garage Door enhance accessibility.

You can pick from different sizes to fit your space, from 10×20′ to 16×40′ with prices start at $7,925

8. Lofted Barn Garage

The Graceland Lofted Barn Garage is a simple yet effective solution for all your storage needs. It comes with two 2×3′ Single Pane Windows, a 9-Lite Door, and an 8″ Garage Door included, it’s easy to access your belongings.

Starting price at just $8,805, the Graceland offers affordability and quality. Choose from sizes ranging from 12×20′ to 14×36′ to find the perfect fit for your needs.

9. Dormer Shed

Graceland’s Dormer Shed gives your attic more space and better lighting. It’s perfect for a cozy studio or a handy workspace.

Prices start at $8,760, and you can choose from different sizes, from 10×16′ to a spacious 12×40′. Whether you need storage or a place for hobbies, the Dormer Shed is a practical and stylish solution.

10. Mini Shed

The Graceland Mini Shed is perfect for small spaces and narrow gate openings. With its single wood door and strong 2×4″ floor joists, it’s practical and sturdy. Starting at $3,250, this shed exclusively comes in a 6 x 12′ size, offering value and convenience.

11. Urban Shed

The Graceland Mini Shed, perfect for small spaces near your home or another building. Simplify your storage with its simple design. Featuring a 2×3′ window and a double wood door, the Graceland Urban Shed has everything you need. It’s built to last with 2×4″ floor joists. With prices from $3,435, the Urban Shed is available only in 7 x 12′ size.

12. Lofted Barn Cabin

The cozy Lofted Barn Cabin by Graceland comes with cool porch styles for hanging out and lots of space inside for storing your stuff. You’ll love the three 2×3′ windows and the fancy 9-lite door. Plus, there’s a loft on the porch and another one in the back!

Starting at $7,705, these cabins come in different sizes, from small (10 x 16) to big (14 x 40). Whether you want a chill spot to hang out on the porch or need a place to stash your things, the Lofted Barn Cabin has you covered.

13. Side Porch Cabin

The Graceland’s Side Porch Cabin is a blending comfort and practicality. With four 2×3′ windows, a 9-Lite Door, and handrails, it’s your cozy retreat, starting at $11,540. Choose from sizes ranging from 14 x 20 to 16 x 40, perfect for any need. Customize it to suit your style, enhancing your outdoor space effortlessly.

14. Corner Porch Lofted Barn Cabin

Enjoy the fantastic features of Graceland’s Corner Porch Lofted Barn Cabin. Each cabin has three 2×3′ windows for lots of natural light, plus a 9-lite door and handrails. You also get a porch loft and a 6′ rear loft for extra space and style. Prices start at just $10,950, and you can choose from sizes ranging from 12 x 20 to 14 x 40.

15. Corner Porch Cabin

The Graceland Corner Porch Cabin, a fantastic yet charming addition to your outdoor space. This cabin features two 2×3′ windows and two 3×3′ windows, providing plenty of natural light and fresh air. With its 9-lite door and handrails, accessibility is made easy.

With prices starting at $9,525, the Graceland Corner Porch Cabin offers quality at an affordable price. Available in sizes from 12 x 20 for the smallest to 16 x 40 for the largest one.

16. Wrapped Porch Lofted Barn Cabin

The Wrapped Porch Lofted Barn Cabin is your perfect retreat with a touch of charm. With four 2×3′ windows, two loft windows, and a beautiful 9-lite door, sunlight fills the space. Plus, enjoy the added space with a porch loft and an 8′ rear loft.

Graceland offers this delightful cabin, starting at $12,660. Choose from sizes 12 x 24 to 14 x 40, fitting any need.

17. Economy Shed

The Graceland Economy Shed is a small portable storage unit, measuring just 8’x12’. It’s great for keeping your outdoor stuff like gardening tools and lawnmowers organized. Even though it’s compact, it offers plenty of space for your things, so you can easily find them when you need them.

Why Choose a Graceland Portable Building?

Graceland portable buildings are top-notch, offering great quality and tons of customization options. Here’s why picking a Graceland building is a smart move that ensures you get exactly what you need:

  • Made Just for You: Forget about cookie-cutter buildings! Graceland lets you customize your building with extra windows, better doors, and layouts that fit your style. They make it easy to design a building that’s perfect for your needs.
  • Peace of Mind with Warranty: Graceland stands by their work with a fantastic warranty. While others might only cover certain parts, Graceland’s warranty covers the whole structure for seven years. Plus, their metal roofs are guaranteed for 25 years!
  • Sizes for Every Space: Whether you need a small shed or a big cabin, Graceland has sizes to fit. You can start with a small 8’ x 12’ building and expand it up to 16’ x 40’ if you need more room.
  • Easy and Affordable Delivery: Getting your Graceland building is simple and won’t break the bank. Within 50 miles, delivery is free, and they’ll even set it up for you. If you’re farther away, they offer affordable delivery options too.
  • Quality at a Great Price: Graceland buildings are top-quality without the high price tag. Starting at just $4,000 for small sheds, they offer unbeatable value for the quality you get.
  • Customer Service That Cares: Graceland puts you first, from your first question to the final delivery. They’re dedicated to making sure you’re happy every step of the way.
  • Built to Last: Graceland buildings are tough and built to last. From strong doors to sturdy anchors, they’re made to stand up to anything.
  • Flexible Financing Options: Worried about financing? Graceland offers flexible plans with easy monthly payments, no credit check required.

Graceland’s Superior Building Materials

When you step into a Graceland Portable Building, get ready to be impressed by the amazing craftsmanship and top-notch materials. Graceland is all about delivering the best, and it shows in every detail.

  • Galvanized Ring Shank Nails: They use galvanized ring shank nails that are super-strong, like screws but better, to make sure their buildings are solid and rust-resistant. That means your building will stay strong and look great for a long time.
  • Sturdy Frame Construction: Graceland doesn’t mess around with stability. They use bigger parts than usual, like 4×6 runners and 2×6 floor joists, to create a foundation that’s built to last. That means your building will be strong and reliable for years to come.
  • Premium Pressure-Treated T1-11: They use ⅝ inch pressure-treated T1-11 siding for floors and walls, making their buildings strong enough to handle anything. With Graceland, you know your investment will stand the test of time.
  • Enhanced Ventilation: Their special soffit ventilation system improves air circulation, keeping your building 10 to 15 degrees cooler than others. That means you can enjoy your space all year round without worrying about overheating.