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As big fans of Pura, my friends and I stumbled upon the Pura Car, which can make your car smell as lovely as your favorite candles. We’re here to share our thoughts about it in a simple way.

The Pura Car is a smart car diffuser that’s easy to set up. It works like magic, filling your car with those fantastic candle scents you adore. Plus, you can control it with your phone.

What’s wonderful is that it’s easy for anyone to use. If you enjoy nice smells, this is a must-try. It makes your car smell amazing while you drive around.

What is Pura Smart Diffuser?

Pura’s all about making your place smell fantastic. They’ve got this smart scent machine, and I gotta say, it’s pretty cool.

With this thing, you can control the smell of your home using your phone. It’s simple and incredibly convenient. No more scented candles needed!

What’s neat is that Pura teams up with famous fragrance makers like NEST and Capri Blue. So, you get these high-quality scents, but without the candle hassle.

I’m a fan of lovely scents in my home, and the Pura Smart Diffuser is a game-changer. It’s saved me money on candles and gives me total scent control from my phone. It’s a must-have.

The Pura Smart Diffuser has a bunch of different scents, including ones from brands you know and love. It’s simple to use, thanks to the app. You connect it to your phone and can turn it on or off, set schedules, and change scents. You can even adjust how strong the smell is and how often it comes out.

Plus, it’s durable as well. This thing can go for up to 100 hours before you need to add more fragrance. Plus, the app tells you when it’s time to refill.

What’s special about the Pura Smart Diffuser is its connection to these famous brands. You know what you’re getting with every scent you pick, and they’re not too overpowering. If you want your home to smell amazing, this is the way to go.

The Pura Car

The Pura Car is a clever piece of tech that borrows the smart home diffuser concept to freshen up your car. It’s similar to the Pura Smart Diffuser, but there are some differences worth noting.

In terms of appearance, the Pura Car is a compact, stylish gadget designed to fit snugly in your cup holder. It stands at a height roughly equivalent to two or three stacked hockey pucks.

The advanced scent technology in the Pura Car is optimized for car use, but there are a few other distinctions as well.

One notable difference is that the Pura Smart Diffuser can switch between different scents, creating a dynamic aroma. The Pura Car Diffuser, however, can only release one fragrance at a time. Unfortunately, there’s no option to customize or change it on the go.

Now, you might be thinking, “Can I use my Pura scents in the car diffuser too?” Well, here’s the twist – no, you can’t. The Pura Car Diffuser uses disc-shaped scent “hockey pucks,” which are a bit less messy than the essential oils used in the Smart Diffuser. However, it means you’ll need a separate subscription for these car scents.

The good news is that the fresh scents you love are still there. From the cozy teakwood and blue leather to the tropical allure of creamy coconut, you’ll find a variety of natural scents to choose from.

The Pura Car Diffuser Price

I recently tried the Pura Car diffuser, and it’s a game-changer for car scents.

With smart features, natural ingredients, and long-lasting premium fragrances that freshen your car for up to 30 days, the Pura Car diffuser takes car scenting to a new level.

The best part? You can have it for just $34.99, and the price may vary depending on the product’s size and the color you pick.

No more dealing with scents that barely last or using harsh chemicals. The Pura Car diffuser not only offers a range of fantastic fragrances but also does so without any harmful ingredients. It’s a breath of fresh air for your car and your senses.

Whether you’re heading to work, going on a road trip, or simply running errands, the Pura Car diffuser ensures your car smells amazing throughout your drive. It’s a small investment that makes a big difference in your driving experience. Say goodbye to those artificial and short-lived scents – the Pura Car diffuser is here to upgrade your car’s atmosphere.

The Pura Car Diffuser Features

If you’re considering the Pura Car Diffuser, it’s essential to understand its key features. Let’s delve into them.

Sync with Pura Smart Phone App

The Pura Car can sync with the Pura Smart Phone App, but its primary function is to adjust scent intensity or turn it off.

The Role of the Accelerometer

One unique feature of the Pura Car Diffuser is its accelerometer. This sensor activates the diffuser only when your car is in motion. This way, it won’t waste scents when your vehicle is stationary.

Pura App Control

The Pura app allows you to control the scent intensity. However, keep in mind that you can’t use two scents simultaneously, unlike the Pura Device. Once you find your preferred intensity, you may not need the app anymore.

Wide Selection of Scents

One of Pura’s standout features is its wide range of scents from well-known brands. No more guessing what “bergamot” or “sweet ocean breeze” smells like.

You can explore fragrance descriptions and enjoy familiar scents without the need for pricey candles. Pura makes it easy and cost-effective to enjoy your favorite fragrances.

What Scents are Available for Pura Car?

Currently, Pura only provides its own scents for the Car Diffuser. You can choose from 8 scents, including Linens & Surf, Teak & Leather Car, and Cucumber & Mint. These scents come in individual pods or as a set with the diffuser.

If you love brands like NEST or Capri Blue, you’ll have to wait. Pura doesn’t offer these brands’ scents for the Car Diffuser just yet.


The Pura Car Diffuser is handy for enjoying scents while driving, but it has limits. It offers fewer scents than the Smart Diffuser and can’t switch between them on the go.

Also, it takes up space in your car. While it has nice features like app syncing and an accelerometer, we prefer the simple and affordable Drift air freshener.

If you want convenience and a variety of scents, consider the Pura Car. For a budget-friendly option, try Drift.