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Honda Accords Last: How Many Miles & Years

Editor: J. Goreham | Updated: Wednesday, February 21st, 2024

Honda Accords have been a go-to choice for drivers for a good while, and for good reason – they're reliable and sturdy. But let's cut to the chase: just how long can you expect a Honda Accord to stick around?

I had a chat with some Honda owners who've been putting their Accords through the wringer. One friend has been driving his for over ten years, and it's still chugging along. His secret? Regular check-ups and oil changes – simple but effective.

Honda Accords are made for endurance. They've got this mix of quality and smart design that makes them durable. So, when you ask, "How long do Honda Accords last?" Keep reading to get the answer!

Factors Affecting Honda Accord Longevity

1. Regular Maintenance

The main trick to a happy Honda Accord is giving it regular checkups. Doing a few easy things can really make a difference in how long your car stays on the road.

Oil Changes

Changing your car's oil regularly is like giving it a special treat. It keeps the engine happy by reducing wear and tear. Aim for the recommended oil change schedule from Honda, but adjust it based on how much and where you drive.


Consider tune-ups as a wellness check for your car. It involves changing parts that might get worn out. Honda says every 100,000 miles is good, but if you drive a lot, it's cool to do it more often.

Tire Maintenance

Your car's tires are like its shoes. To make sure they do their job well, check tire pressure often, switch them around every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, and get new ones when they're too worn down.

2. Driving Habits

Taking care of your Honda Accord isn't just about regular check-ups. Your driving habits have a say too. Let me simplify it for you.

Highway vs. City Driving

Imagine your car having a chill day at the spa when on the highway. It's a smooth ride with less stress on your engine and brakes. Less stress means a longer life for your car.

Now, city driving is a bit of a workout. Stops, starts, and quick accelerations can wear your car down. If you're a city driver, giving your car some extra love will keep it in good shape.

Gentle Driving vs. Speeding

How you drive decides how long your car will last. If you're heavy on the gas, brake aggressively, and live life in the fast lane, you might be wearing out your car faster.

On the flip side, being a smooth operator helps. Light on the pedal means less wear on your engine, brakes, and tires. Treat your car right, and it'll stick around longer.

3. Climate and Geography

Caring for your Honda Accord goes beyond routine checkups. The weather and where you drive play a role too.

Extreme Temperatures

Living in places with scorching summers or freezing winters can be tough on your car. When it's super hot, your engine might get too hot, causing damage. In extreme cold, your battery can struggle to start the car, and your tires might not grip the road well.

Salt Exposure

If you're in an area near the ocean or where they use a lot of salt for snow and ice, your car could be more prone to rust and corrosion. Salt can eat away at the metal in your car, and fixing that kind of damage can be a hassle and cost a lot.


High humidity can also be a challenge for your car. It can make moisture build up in your car's electrical systems, leading to damage. Starting your car might be harder, especially if your battery is getting old or weak.

Case Studies About Average Life of a Honda Accord

To get a better idea of how long Honda Accords can last, let's look at some real-life examples of long-lasting Accords.

1. High-Mileage Accords

Honda Accords are known for piling on the miles. We've heard tales of these cars hitting 200,000, 300,000, and even a whopping 400,000 miles. [1] Back in 2020, a Honda Accord rolled past a cool million miles, making headlines.

Meet Joe LoCicero, a New York City cab driver. His 1990 Honda Accord has clocked over 1.2 million miles and is still on the road. [2] Joe's secret? Regular maintenance and fixing issues right away.

2. Accords with Minimal Maintenance

Not everyone babies their car, and that's okay. Even if you've been a bit lax on the maintenance, your Accord can still hold its own. Take the owner of a 1997 Honda Accord, for example. Basic stuff—regular oil changes and some repairs here and there. Yet, her Accord hit over 250,000 miles and was still humming along. [3]

3. Accords in Different Climates and Geographies

Honda Accords aren't picky about where they live. A 2006 Accord in chilly Alaska hit 245,000 miles and kept going strong. Down in hot and humid Florida, a 2001 Accord with over 200,000 miles was doing just fine.

Expert Opinions on Life Span of Honda Accord

To find out how long a Honda Accord can last, I asked the experts – the Honda mechanics and specialists who know these cars inside out. What I learned from them is pretty straightforward.

1. Honda Mechanics and Experts

They all agree: If you take good care of your Honda Accord, it can stick around for a really long time. One mechanic I talked to shared a cool story. He said, "I've seen Accords with a whopping 300,000 miles on them, and they're still going strong. It all boils down to how the owner treats the car."

So, according to these experts, it's not just about the years ticking by; it's about how you treat your Accord. Regular maintenance is the secret sauce. Stick to the maintenance plan, fix problems when they pop up, and give your Accord the care it needs. That's the advice from the folks who know these cars best.

2. Surveys and Data Analysis

I checked out info from places like Consumer Reports and J.D. Power and Associates to see how Honda Accords stack up against other cars for reliability and longevity.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports, a nonprofit that rates cars, says Honda is solid in reliability. The Honda Accord, in particular, gets a good score. In their 2020 Reliability Survey, it got 4 out of 5, which means it's better than most. They've seen that the Accord tends to be trouble-free, especially in crucial areas like the engine, transmission, and brakes.

J.D. Power and Associates

Now, onto J.D. Power and Associates. They study how cars hold up after three years. In their 2020 study, the Honda Accord stands its ground.

It's the third most dependable in its class, just behind the Toyota Camry and Lexus ES. The Accord only had 110 problems per 100 vehicles, beating the industry average of 134 problems per 100 vehicles.

Will a Honda Accord Last 400,000 Miles?

Absolutely, a Honda Accord can handle a whopping 400,000 miles! This car is a champ when it comes to toughness and reliability.

Keep it in top shape with regular oil changes and tune-ups, and it'll easily go beyond the 400K mark. It's a simple equation: take good care of your Accord, and it'll repay you with years of reliable performance.

How Long Can a Honda Accord Engine Last?

With a bit of attention, your Accord's engine can easily hit the 200,000-mile mark. Some folks even claim theirs have breezed past 300,000 miles without any major headaches.

Stick to the schedule like it's your daily routine, and your Accord's engine will be singing your praises. It's like giving your car a check-up, but way less hassle.

What is the Longest Mileage for a Honda Accord?

Can you believe some Honda Accords have hit over a million miles? Yep, it's true! These cars are like the superheroes of the road, proving their durability in a big way.

The record for the longest mileage on a Honda Accord is mind-blowing – 1.6 million miles! That's like driving around the Earth 64 times. While not every Accord will reach this insane distance, it goes to show these cars can go the distance if you treat them right.

Can a Honda Accord Last 20 Years?

Honda Accords are built to last, and hitting the 20-year mark is totally doable. [4] Just be kind to your car, do regular check-ups, change the oil on time, and fix any issues that pop up.

Think of your Accord as a reliable buddy. Feed it good stuff, like regular maintenance, and it'll be by your side for a solid two decades. So, can a Honda Accord go strong for 20 years? Absolutely, if you treat it well, it'll stick around for the long haul.


In short, how long your Honda Accord lasts depends on a few things – how well you look after it, the places you drive, and a touch of luck.

Take Joe LoCicero's 1990 Accord, for instance. It cruised past an incredible 1.2 million miles. There are plenty of other stories about Accords hitting over 200,000 miles. Trusted sources like Consumer Reports and J.D. Power and Associates back this up, confirming that Honda Accords tend to be real troopers.

Even though every car is its own character, the Honda Accord generally holds up well. While nobody can guarantee a specific number of miles or years, if you want a car that's likely to stick around, the Honda Accord is a solid choice. Just remember to give it regular care, fix issues as they pop up, and with a bit of luck, your Accord could be your road buddy for a good, long time.

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